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How To Meet Your Match When You Are A Busy Professional

Finding a romantic partner can be challenging at the best of times. But how does one go about finding someone special when you are also facing the pressure and time constraints that come with being a successful professional? The solution involves some simple adjustments to the strategy and execution of your ‘Meeting Someone New’ plan!

Broadly speaking, I would separate the best approach to meeting someone new into 3 distinct but complementary steps. First, and arguably most important, is ATTITUDE. Second is POSITIVE NETWORKING. Third is ASKING FOR HIS/HER NUMBER. Here’s a breakdown of each step. Continue reading How To Meet Your Match When You Are A Busy Professional

Vancouver Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Dating can and should be fun. Although many people claim: ‘I don’t like dating’, this often means: ‘I don’t like going on bad dates’, which are a waste of both parties time and energy.

Good dates, on the other hand, can be fun. When you are with someone interesting and engaging, with whom you laugh easily and share many experiences, and with whom you have chemistry, there are few things which can be as enjoyable. By increasing the number of positive dating experiences, you are dramatically increasing your chances of finding that special someone. Continue reading Vancouver Dating Do’s and Don’ts