Month: May 2010
5 Ways That “Positive Dating” Leads To A Lasting RELATIONSHIP

Dating can and should be fun.  But dating is also the BEST way to identify those qualities that are the MOST important for you to find in a romantic partner.  A key element of successful dating is to meet matches that have a basic compatibility with you.  This leads to "Positive" dating experiences, which makes your dates… Continue reading →

How To Find Vancouver “Summer Romance”

As Vancouver's Proactive Dating Professionals, the Matchmakers at Executive Search Dating are often asked "How and where do you find such incredible singles in Vancouver?"  Here are some tips on how and where high quality singles can be found in Vancouver this summer:  Read Article "Thank you Executive Search Dating!  Without a doubt, Christopher is definitely one of that… Continue reading →

Is Vancouver REALLY A Difficult City To Meet Other Singles?

Vancouver has the (unenviable) reputation as a difficult city to meet other singles.  But is this actually true?  As Vancouver Dating Professionals, we at Executive Search Dating feel its high time to uncover the TRUTH behind the MYTH that there are NO quality singles in Vancouver:  The Positives: Vancouver has a large number of attractive, single professionals. The natural outdoor… Continue reading →

Is “Chemistry” An Important Element In Finding Your Perfect Match?

As Professional Matchmakers, we at Executive Search Dating are often asked the importance of "chemistry" in finding a perfect match.  The answer is: yes and no... here is why: Yes: It is important to feel at least a little chemistry and/or initial attraction when meeting someone new.  If you don't feel any chemistry whatsoever after the first 2… Continue reading →

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