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Executive Search Dating’s “Precision Cupid” Ad Wins Big At Canada’s Most Prestigious Advertising Awards Show

Rethink, the acclaimed Vancouver based advertising firm, created a stunning ‘Precision Cupid’ ad for Executive Search Dating last year.  The feedback we received from the ad was incredible and, as you can see on the link below, it won 2 awards at this month’s 2010 Marketing Awards. 

“We are really pleased with the accolades and the overall response to the ad,” says Paddi Rice, President and Founder of Executive Search Dating. “We were excited when Rethink decided to create the ad for us, and they did an excellent job of capturing our core value proposition to clients: the fact that we are a Dating Headhunter which proactively searches for compatible matches for our clients. In true Rethink fashion, the ad communicates the message in an eye catching and truly compelling way!” 

See Award Winning Ad:  Executive Search Dating’s ‘Precision Cupid’ Ad Wins Big at Canada’s Most Prestigious Advertising Awards Show

5 Match Criteria To Look For In A “Compatible RELATIONSHIP Partner”

Positive Dating, in addition to being a fun way to meet new people, is also the BEST way to find a compatible RELATIONSHIP partner.   Here are some common match criteria that the Professional Matchmakers at Executive Search Dating have found to be POSITIVE indicators that you have met a compatible match:

  1. Chemistry: no matter how much you prepare (or don’t prepare) for your date; you never truly know if you have chemistry with someone until you meet them in person.  Some call it mystery; we call it the exciting part of dating!
  2. Family values: having similar views on family (positive, neutral or otherwise) can be an important connecter with a new match.
  3. Travel: if you are passionate about travel, and intend on doing more of it in the future, it can be great to find someone who feels the same way.  Also, a shared interest in travel can often indicate a similar view of the world AND your own home town.
  4. Education: valuing education (even from the ‘school of life’), and having had similar educational backgrounds can be a good starting point for a solid partnership.  This can be particularly true if  having a family is in your future plans.
  5. Activity level: if you are someone who likes to be outside ALL the time, then you’d be well advised to avoid selecting a life-long  ‘couch potatoe’ as a relationship partner.  Do remember, however, that meeting someone new can be a great incentive to learn NEW activities and to become more active.

5 Ways To Get BETTER Results From Dating

Dating compatible singles who meet your basic criteria is an important part of the process of meeting someone special.  Meeting high quality singles is also a fun way to meet new people and ‘fine tune’ your own match criteria.  In fact, the Professional Matchmakers at Executive Search Dating have found that ‘positive dating’ to be the BEST way to find your perfect match.

With this in mind, here are 5 ways to get BETTER results from your first dates:

  1. Be on time: arriving late for your first date with someone new often sends the message that you aren’t interested in them, or that your time is more valuable than theirs.  Neither message will lead you to a second date.
  2. Be interested and interesting: try and find an equal balance between talking and listening on your date.  Talking about yourself the entire time, or passively listening the entire date are both to be avoided.
  3. Be POSITIVE: talk about fun things, travel stories, summer activities, things that interest and/or excite you; avoid talking about job stress, bad relationships or family issues on a first date.
  4. Be focused: turn your cell phone off and avoid checking out other people in the restaurant; focusing on your date, in addition to being common courtesy, is also the only way to really get to know them and discover things in common.
  5. Be honest: if you are interested in seeing them again, say so before the first date is done and exchange contact details.  If you don’t feel there is any spark, then a polite call or email to let them know is a good way to avoid leading someone on.