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4 Key Dating Challenges Faced By Busy Vancouver Singles

Dating can and should be fun.  In fact, we at Executive Search Dating refer to this as ‘Positive Dating’.  ‘Positive Dating’ is also THE BEST way of finding someone with whom you are truly compatible.  However, as a busy professional single, finding the time and motivation to meet high quality, COMPATIBLE singles is sometimes easier said than done.

Here are 4 reasons why finding someone compatible can be challenging as a busy Vancouver single:

  1. No time to waste: busy singles value their free time, and typically aren’t interested in going on meaningless dates with people who aren’t compatible with them.
  2. Bar scene limitations: bars are a popular way to meet other singles, but not necessarily the best place to meet someone who might become a RELATIONSHIP partner.
  3. Online dating limitations: like bars, online dating is a common way to meet other singles, but the complete lack of screening often means that you often have to go on many bad  dates before ever finding someone compatible with you.  As a busy single, this is not always the best approach.
  4. Quality vs. quantity: many busy, professional singles would rather go on LESS dates but MORE compatible matches.  That is, matches with whom you feel you have something in common with and that are also ‘relationship ready’. 

5 Reasons Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Meet A Compatible RELATIONSHIP Partner

With the Vancouver summer weather finally here to stay, the patios, parks and seawalls of our fair city are filled with incredible singles looking to connect with like minded people.  Here are some tips on why summer in Vancouver is a great time to meet someone new, and where you can find that special someone:

  1. Outdoor activity weather: Vancouverites are well known for their love of the outdoors in any type of weather.  Having said that, warm and sunny weather brings people out in large numbers offering ample opportunity to meet someone new.
  2. Positive energy: nothing brings out a positive frame of mind more than a warm and sunny day.  Take advantage of the weather to introduce yourself to someone new that you meet… a smile and a friendly ‘hello’ is all you need.
  3. Time = Availability: single professionals are often hard to find during the peak business times, but may businesses slow down in the summer time.  This gives professional singles more time to socialize AND more time to date if you meet someone interesting.
  4. Sports: the summer beach volleyball, ultimate and dragon boat seasons are now in full swing.  Whatever your particular sporting preference, meeting people who share that same activity can be a great way to start.
  5. Road trips: once you have met someone new, summer is the best time for day trips to explore any of Vancouver’s many outdoor attractions from Lighthouse Park, to Bowen Island to Grouse Mountain.