Month: April 2011
Why NOW Is The BEST Time To Meet Someone New In Vancouver (Interview)

It may not feel like it, but spring has arrived and summer's just around the corner!  In this interview with Executive Search Dating President Paddi Rice, he explains why this is such a great time to meet someone new: Listen To Interview! Continue reading →

Are Professional Dating Services Worth The Money?

In the world of dating, and in life, quality often comes with a price.  But are professional dating services REALLY worth the additional investment vs. cheaper options such as online dating? Here are 4 things to consider when deciding whether a professional dating service is for you: Screening: Professional Dating Services: meet, interview and screen matches before selecting them for you. Online dating:… Continue reading →

What Single Men And Women Really Want

It is often speculated that men and women want very different things in a relationship partner.  In fact, the opposite is true.  A key element, often overlooked however, is a term we like to call 'relationship readiness'.  That is, when a man or woman is at the stage of their life where they are looking… Continue reading →

7 Creative Ways To Meet Someone New

In dating, and in life, repeating the same methods and expecting different results rarely leads to success.  Here are some creative ways to meet someone new and introduce some NEW spark into your dating life: Throw a party: spring is a great time to have a party... invite some friends and have them bring some single friends.… Continue reading →

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