Month: August 2011
Revealed: How “Headhunting” Works

Executive Search Dating is the one and only "Dating Headhunter".  This means our clients are matched with our existing database of high quality Vancouver singles, AND with headhunts who we proactively select and carefully screen just for them... here's how it works: Continue reading →

5 Ways That “Positive Dating” Leads To A Lasting RELATIONSHIP

Dating can and should be fun.  But dating is also the BEST way to identify those qualities that are the MOST important for you to find in a romantic partner. A key element of successful dating is to meet matches that have a basic compatibility with you.  This leads to “Positive” dating experiences, which makes… Continue reading →

Top 5 Ways To Put SIZZLE In Your Dating Life This August

With the nice summer weather (finally) upon us in Vancouver, August can be a great time to meet someone new, or ignite a connection that you've recently made.  Here are 5 tips on how to make your dating life sizzle this August... Beach barbecue: nothing says 'summer' more than a barbecue on the beach with… Continue reading →

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