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Revealed: How “Headhunting” Works

Executive Search Dating is the one and only “Dating Headhunter”.  This means our clients
are matched with our existing database of high quality Vancouver singles, AND
with headhunts who we proactively select and carefully screen just for them…
here’s how it works:

5 Ways That “Positive Dating” Leads To A Lasting RELATIONSHIP

Dating can and should be fun.  But dating is also the BEST way to identify those qualities that are the MOST important for you to find in a romantic partner.

A key element of successful dating is to meet matches that have a basic compatibility with you.  This leads to “Positive” dating experiences, which makes your dates enjoyable for both parties, thus maximizing the chances of a connection.  Here are 5 ways that “Positive Dating” can lead you to a GREAT relationship:

  1. Chemistry happens: meeting someone in person is the only way to determine basic physical chemistry.  Although physical chemistry alone is not sufficient for a lasting partnership, it is an essential starting point.
  2. Time flies, conversation flows: equally as important as physical chemistry is a ‘conversational connection’.  Struggling for things to talk about on a first date, although not necessarily a deal breaker, can be a warning sign.
  3. Similar views on life: Professional Matchmakers DON’T subscribe to the view that “Opposites Attract”, nor should you. Having some common beliefs on important matters like family, career and travel is a positive start.
  4. Identifying your TOP criteria: Criteria ‘on paper’ or in an online profile don’t always lead to a connection in the real world.  Meeting a variety of high quality compatible singles that meet some (but not necessarly all) of your criteria can be a powerful tool in fine tuning your true criteria.
  5. The ‘Virtuous Cycle’ of Positive Dating: Meeting high quality, compatible singles allows you to fine tune your match criteria as you enjoy your dates. And knowing your true criteria is an important element in identifying a truly COMPATIBLE relationship partner for yourself.

Top 5 Ways To Put SIZZLE In Your Dating Life This August

With the nice summer weather (finally) upon us in Vancouver, August can be a great time to meet someone new, or ignite a connection that you’ve recently made.  Here are 5 tips on how to make your dating life sizzle this August…

  1. Beach barbecue: nothing says ‘summer’ more than a barbecue on the beach with someone special. Combining nature, good food and good company is a great way to make a second or third date stand out.
  2. Sunset from a patio: watching a summer sunset with a drink on a patio is a perfect summer get together.  Try the patios at the Backstage Lounge in Granville Island or The Jericho Sailing Club for great summer sunset views.
  3. Mountain top views: for active singles, try a hike up one of the local mountains for some unobstructed summer views of Vancouver.  The Grouse Grind is always popular and, or those a bit more adventurous, try Cypress Mountain.
  4. Bard on the beach: for singles looking for a dating mix of the outdoors and culture, take your date to any one of the 4 plays showing at bard on the beach this summer.  A pre or post show walk along Kits beach can also be a nice touch.
  5. Summer market spectacular: check out one of the many outdoor markets this summer; a fun and creative second or third date with someone who appreciates local culture and great food.  Try the various Vancouver farmer’s markets, or the summer night market in Richmond for more of an Asian flavor.