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7 Reasons Why Executive Search Dating Was Voted Vancouver’s BEST Dating Service

Executive Search Dating has won the award for “Best Dating Service” in the prestigious “Best of Vancouver 2011” reader’s choice awards, as announced on September 22nd, 2011 by The Georgia Straight newspaper. Our thanks to all those who voted for us!

Here are 7 reasons why Executive Search Dating was voted Vancouver’s BEST dating service:

  1. Democracy rules: Executive Search Dating was voted “Best Dating Service” by readers of The Georgia Straight, Canada’s largest weekly newspaper with more than 800,000 readers in Vancouver.  It is by far the largest ‘reader’s choce’ award of its kind in Vancouver.
  2. Made-in-Vancouver: Executive Search Dating is the only major matchmaking service in Vancouver that was actually founded and established in Vancouver.  Our Vancouver roots give us a unique perspective on the challenges (and opportunities) faced by Vancouver singles.
  3. Accredited and reputable: Executive Search Dating in the ONLY dating service in British Columbia that is accredited with the Better Business Bureau of B.C.  We are also the only major dating service in B.C. with an ‘A’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  4. 7 years of success: Executive Search Dating was founded in Vancouver 7 years ago, and has been creating successful relationships in our city ever since.
  5. The one and only “Dating Headhunter”: Executive Search Dating is the original, and only, ‘Dating Headhunter’.  This allows our clients to be matched with our database of quality singles AND with headhunts who we proactively find and carefully screen just for them.  No other dating service in Vancouver does this.
  6. Industry leading screening process: Executive Search Dating’s 5 point screening process is the dating industry’s best, and includes personal interviews, verified personal details, reference checks, consent for criminal and background checks, and post date analysis.
  7. Better than internet dating: Executive Search Dating is NOT an online dating company; we are a personalized, professional matchmaking service focused on Vancouver singles and professionals.  Unlike online dating, we personally meet and carefully screen each and every match for our clients to ensure the highest quality matches, and the BEST service.


Executive Search Dating Voted “Vancouver’s Best Dating Service”

Executive Search Dating has won the “Best Dating Service” award in the Georgia Straight’s 16th annual “Best Of Vancouver” contest, it was announced today!  This prestigious annual award is chosen by readers of The Georgia Straight, Canada’s largest urban weekly with over 800,000 readers in Vancouver. Executive Search Dating was voted “Best Dating Service” for 2011!

“We are honoured and excited to be voted Vancouver’s ‘Best Dating Service’,” says Paddi Rice, President and owner of Executive Search Dating. “It’s a great credit to our amazing staff and clients. It’s also a reflection, I think, of the fact that we were founded here in Vancouver 7 years ago, and have created hundreds of successful relationships in our city. We love you Vancouver!” Read More.

7 Signs You Have “Chemistry” With Someone

In the world of dating, chemistry matters. No, it’s not the only factor in finding a great match, nor even the most important. But without at least a bit of chemistry, dating can feel like a chore, and we already have too many chores in our lives!

Here are 7 classic signs of chemistry:

  1. Excitement builds: you are excited, maybe even a bit nervous in meeting them. Nerves are usually a sign that something MEANS something to you, which is a good thing.
  2. Relaxation matters: once you meet, or after a short while, you feel relaxed and easy in their presence.
  3. Attraction helps: you find them even just a little bit attractive.  Beware when you meet someone who you find VERY attractive as this sometimes blinds you to other more important areas where you are not a match.
  4. A laughing matter: sharing a sense of humor is one of the most important elements of establishing initial and lasting chemistry. When someone laughs at your (bad) jokes, and you at theirs, its a very good sign.
  5. Feels like a 2nd date: when a 1st date feels like a second date, or when you are already thinking about seeing them again, you can bet that chemistry is there.
  6. Love follows respect: you respect them and their views. Although you may not always agree, having a mutually respectful view of each other can be the foundation for long term relationship success.
  7. Chemistry grows: even more important than initial chemistry is whether chemistry grows stronger over time. In fact, you are better off to have just a little bit of chemistry at first which grows over time; vs. having amazing chemistry at first which fades quickly.

The World’s Worst Dating Advice

Unlike some things in life, dating works best when you are enjoying yourself. By having a positive mindset, you are also showing the best version of yourself to your date, which maximizes the chances there will be a romantic connection.

In fact, staying positive may be the BEST dating advice in the world.  Here is the world’s WORST dating advice:

  1. Show up late: showing up late on a first date may well quash any chances of a second date. Plan to arrive a bit early or call ahead to let your date know if you are going to be a few minutes late.  You wouldn’t show up late to an important business meeting, nor should you on a date.
  2. Talk and don’t listen: try to find an equal balance between talking and listening on your date.  Not asking any questions of your date gives the impression that you are not interested in them.
  3. Answer your phone and text during your date: answering your phone or texting during a date is rude and should always be avoided. If you do need to make an urgent call, ask your date if it would be okay for you to step outside for a few minutes to make the call; and be sure to return promptly.
  4. Be negative: everyone wants to be around a positive person; relax, tell some light hearted, funny stories and be positive on your date.  You’ll find this creates a ‘virtuous cycle’ whereby your date has more fun, as do you.
  5. Flirt with the wait staff: focusing your attention on your date is a basic sign of respect. Even in those instances where you are not feeling a strong connection with your date, your best best is to be polite and respectful and thus leave it on good terms.  Who knows, your date may know someone down the line who is your perfect match!

5 Reasons Why September Is “Relationship Month”

With August behind us, it’s normal for singles to feel a little sad as summer winds down, particularly if they are still single.  But here is the good news: September is a GREAT time to meet other ‘relationship ready’ singles! Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Getting focused for fall: summer is fun, but tends to be hectic and busy for many singles, so it’s often hard to find time to date high quality singles. September naturally brings more focus to one’s personal life.
  2. Vacation season is over: with the holiday season behind us, there are simply more singles in town (tanned and fresh from their holidays) to choose from.
  3. The indoor season approacheth: with the longer evenings approaching, singles naturally turn their thoughts to finding someone special to spend quality indoor time with.
  4. Vancouver’s best weather month: its hard not to fall in love with our city, and with someone special, when the weather is so nice.  Take advantage of the still warm temperatures to take your date outside with a walk along the seawall after work.
  5. Sports fan paradise: with the start of the NFL football and baseball playoff seasons, and the hockey and basketball seasons not far behind, sports pubs and lounges across our sports mad city will be filled with singles looking to connect over a drink.