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Are “Relationship Ready” Singles A Dying Breed in Vancouver?

The dating world has changed in the past 10 years. In some ways for the better. In some ways not so much. A common concern we hear from singles today is this: there are ways to meet people casually these days (ie. online dating and the bar scene); but it can be challenging to meet singles who are looking for a RELATIONSHIP, not just a casual encounter.

Here’s our take:

  • There are just as many quality, relationship ready singles in Vancouver as there ever were.  Professional matchmaking services such as Executive Search Dating, in fact, have never been busier.
  • Virtually all singles, men and women, reach a stage where they are ‘relationship ready’ but it doesn’t necessarily happen at the same time.
  • If you are ‘relationship ready’, realize that not all singles who you meet (particularly online or in bars) are looking for something long term.
  • The key is that you and the person you are dating are on the same page: ie. either both wanting something casual or both looking for something long term. After you’ve been on a few dates and if you feel things are going well, be open to discussing this with your partner if required.
  • Although often overlooked as a match criteria, relationship readiness is in fact one of the most ESSENTIAL components of a successful match and lasting relationship.

7 Ways To Screw Up A First Date

First impressions matter, particularly when it comes to dating. You may meet the man or woman of your dreams; but a bad first date may make future dates just that: a dream.

Here are 7 things to AVOID if you want to turn a first date into a second date:

  1. Be distracted: if you can’t be present on a first date, it’s likely your date will assume you are just not very interesting.
  2. Be late: showing up late on a first date sends a clear message that you are not that interested in them.
  3. Be negative: we all have bad days, but talking about your bad day on a first date will likely make your day (and theirs) even worse.
  4. Check your messages: if your messages are more important that your date, then maybe you should consider dating your messages?
  5. Be rude to the staff: being rude or impolite to the bar or wait staff is a turn-off for men and women.
  6. Talk about yourself all night: its okay to talk a bit about yourself, but showing genuine interest in your date is essential if you want to get to a second date.
  7. Be boring: tell some funny stories, or talk about some fun things or trips that you’ve done this year. Dates should be fun, and the chances of chemistry happening are FAR greater when both of you are having a good and fun time.

All You Need To Know About Fall Dating

Fall is here and winter not far behind. That’s the bad news. The good news: Fall is a GREAT time to meet someone new in Vancouver!

Here are some quick and easy dating tips to help you ‘Fall’ in love this season:

  1. In the mood: singles tend to be more ‘relationship minded’ in the fall season as they look to find someone to spend the long winter months with.
  2. Fish in a barrel: with the cooler temperatures, there tend to be less places for singles to go.  Consequently, indoor meeting places tend to be more crowded which increases the odds of meeting someone new.
  3. Be creative: break out of your comfort zone and try some new meeting places this fall.  Think about some places where you might run into like-minded singles; ie. if you are into healthy eating, try checking out a local farmer’s market.
  4. Seize your opportunities: when the sun does comes out, head out to one of the local parks or beaches to catch the sun, and mingle with the crowds; there is nothing like a sunny fall day to bring Vancouverites outside AND put them in a good mood.
  5. Fake it until you make it: you may not be a sports fan, but many single Vancouverites are. Bring a friend or two to a sports lounge on a game night and ask someone interesting what they think of the game? Asking questions that are easily answered is the key to getting a positive and friendly response.


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