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Top 5 Ways To Meet Someone Special In Vancouver This Holiday Season

Executive Search Dating, the Vancouver dating service for singles and professionals, wants to help Vancouver singles meet their special someone this holiday season. “The holidays can be a great time to meet someone new,” says Paddi Rice, President and Matchmaker-in-Chief of Executive Search Dating.

“The holiday season is THE ‘perfect storm’ of good tidings for local singles,” Says Rice. “Firstly, its peak season for parties of every shape and size; plus everyone is in a friendly mood and open to meeting new people.”

Here are Executive Search Dating’s top 5 ways to meet someone special this holiday season:

1.  More Santa less Scrooge: holi-dating success begins with a positive attitude. Be jolly, and practice saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to new people. It’s the best approach line of the year!

2.  Carve out some time for yourself: don’t fill up your holiday calendar with just family and work events; make some time to attend events where you are likely to meet some NEW people too.

3.  Join in all the reindeer games: Christmas parties tend to bring out a wider variety of singles than you might otherwise meet. Tag along to a friends Christmas event and ask them to introduce you to some interesting and well connected people.

4.  Be the Christmas party you wish to attend: invite some friends to your place, and ask them to bring some single friends… house parties are one of THE best ways to meet new people in Vancouver.

5.  Meet in December, date in January: making new connections in December is fun, but trying to arrange a date can be challenging. Plan your first date in January, which will give you both something to be excited about after the holiday season is over.


10 Dating Tips To Always “Remember”

At this time of remembrance, here are 10 dating tips to never forget in your quest for a meaningful relationship:

  1. Be yourself: the first step in connecting with someone is showing the truest version of yourself.
  2. Take the pressure off: dating is the one activity where relaxation, and not pressure, will yield better results.
  3. Leave the checklist at home: a key element of relaxing is not worrying about your dating checklist on a first date.  Remember, a first date is primarily a first step towards a second or third date, which is a much better time to talk about deeper issues.
  4. Smile: a simple smile is one of the most powerful ways to generate interest and attraction in a partner. Everyone wants to be with someone who is positive.
  5. Be considerate: treat your date, and all those around you, with genuine respect and consideration. It is in fact these attributes which lead to a more lasting connection than pure physical chemistry alone.
  6. Don’t judge a book by its cover: although initial chemistry is one element of compatibility, remember that true chemistry doesn’t always show itself on a first date.  In fact, chemistry that develops slowly and over time can be the kind that lasts forever.
  7. Listen actively: talking about yourself all night is no fun, particularly for the other person.  Be interested in them and it will most likely be reciprocated.
  8. Rome was not built on one date: unless you are absolutely sure that you have no connection with someone on a first date, always aim to meet someone for a second date which are typically less pressure and more fun.
  9. Don’t burn bridges: even if you don’t connect romantically with someone, be considerate and respectful.  Remember, if you leave a positive impression your date may know someone who’s perfect for you.
  10. Never lose hope: in dating and in life, success goes to those who persist.  Be positive and look at dating as a chance to meet new people; don’t worry too much about chemistry and other things that you can’t control.