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Top 7 Valentine’s Day Dating Myths

Executive Search Dating, Vancouver’s premier dating service for singles and professionals, is getting Vancouver singles ready for Valentine’s Day: the most exciting AND dreaded day of the year!

“Valentines day can be great if you have someone special in your life, but it can also be stressful if you’re single” says Paddi Rice, President and Owner of Executive Search Dating. “With all the pressure surrounding the big day, it’s not fun to find yourself dateless on February 14th. But stay positive; the arrival of Valentine’s Day means spring is right around the corner, THE best time of the year to meet someone new!”

Here are Executive Search Dating’s Top 7 Valentine’s Day Dating Myths:

1. It means everything: the world won’t come to an end if you are dateless on Valentine’s Day. Lose the blues, meet-up with a few friends and use it as a chance to meet some new people.

2. It means nothing: if you do have someone special in your life, make an effort to show them how much you care. Yes, it’s a ‘Hallmark Holiday’, but leaving your sweetheart alone on Valentine’s Day will send the wrong message.

3. You have to celebrate it on February 14th: pick another day around that time and make it your own personal Valentine’s Day. It’ll be much less crowded and less expensive too!

4. It has to be dinner, chocolates and flowers: be unconventional; catch some live music, hit a museum or go ice skating at Robson Square. Creativity always trumps convention.

5. The earth has to move on Valentine’s Day: the best dating moments are ones that come naturally. Don’t feel pressured to do or say anything on Valentine’s Day that you wouldn’t do or say on any other date night.

6. You need to spend lots of money: in the dating world: meaning matters more than money. The best gifts are thoughtful ones, not necessarily expensive ones.

7. If I’m single on Valentine’s Day, I’ll be single all year: actually, Valentine’s Day is NOT the best time to meet someone new. But spring is, and it’s just around the corner!

Executive Search Dating (, voted Vancouver’s ‘Best Dating Service’ in the 2011 Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver awards, is a professional matchmaking service founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2004 by Paddi Rice. Modeled after the Executive Search recruiting industry, Executive Search Dating matches their client base both with existing clients AND with headhunts who are proactively sought out and carefully screened specifically for them.


How Executive Search Dating Is Different From Online Dating

Executive Search Dating is a Dating Headhunter. We are NOT an online dating service. Our clients, in fact, are typically busy singles and professionals who have grown tired of online dating and the bar scene; or who are looking for better quality, “relationship minded” matches.

Here are some important ways in which Executive Search Dating differs from online dating:

  1. Careful screening: we meet and carefully screen all matches for you.  Our 5 point screening process, in fact, is the best in the industry.
  2. Personalized matchmaking: our professional matchmakers meet and interview each and every one of our clients and hand select compatible matches for them. This ensures higher quality matches for you.
  3. Proactive matchmaking: we are a Dating Headhunter, which means that you have access to our database of thousands of high quality Vancouver singles, AND headhunts that we proactively find and carefully screen just for you.
  4. Making dating easy (and fun!): once we select your match, we also handle all the date arrangements including reservations at one of our many partner restaurants. You just need to show up on your date and have fun!
  5. Fine tuning: after your dates you provide us with confidential post-date feedback, including a match rating for your date, which we (and you) use to continuously fine tune your matching criteria. Its a fun AND intelligent way to date.


7 Audacious And Creative New Year’s Resolutions For Vancouver Singles

We’ve all done it: make a new year’s resolution and break it shortly thereafter. The key, in fact, to a successful resolution is to make it bold AND achievable all at the same time.

Here are 7 New Year’s resolutions that will help lead you to a lasting relationship in 2012:

  1. Be proactive: good things in life don’t necessarily come to those that wait. Putting yourself out there and meeting some new people is an essential element of finding someone special.
  2. Be positive: everyone wants to be with someone positive and fun. Practice your smile, and avoid negative topics once you have met someone new and interesting.
  3. Be the person you want to meet: in the world of matchmaking, likes often attract likes. Seek out activities and interests where you will find like minded people and your chances of meeting someone special will increase.
  4. Be bold: lose your fear of rejection and try approaching someone new when you are out with friends.  You will be surprised by how positive the reaction will be to a friendly smile and ‘hello’ to a stranger.
  5. Mix it up: doing the same ‘ole things and expecting different results is a recipe for frustration; try going out in a new neighbourhood or a new restaurant/lounge; or go shopping in a new part of town.
  6. Forget the past and don’t stress about the future: when it comes to meeting someone new, think of every occasion as a fresh opportunity to connect with someone interesting.  And when you do strike up a connection, keep it positive and fun… tell a funny holiday story!
  7. Hire a professional: you wouldn’t buy a house without some professional help, so why not try a professional dating service to help you in your search for a compatible relationship partner.  Professional Matchmaking firms such as Executive Search Dating are bustling with high quality singles who are eager to meet some new people this year.  Call us today  at 604-462-8743 to find out more!