Month: February 2012
Why Spring Is The BEST Time To Meet Someone New (Video)

Any professional matchmaker will tell you this: spring is THE matchmaking season. No, the warmer temperatures haven't (yet) arrived; but the lighter days have, which is a sure fire sign that better dating days are here again. In this TV interview, Executive Search Dating President Paddi Rice explains why spring is such a great time… Continue reading →

“Chemistry” Facts And Myths

Nothing in the world of dating inspires more excitement AND frustration than the elusive element of "chemistry". Nothing. What makes "chemistry" happen? Can it be created? Will it last?: The answers will likely surprise you. Here are some common "chemistry" facts and myths: CHEMISTRY FACT #1: you should have at least a little bit of chemistry… Continue reading →

5 Reasons A Relationship Is Better Than Being Single

Being single can be fun. It can also suck.  How YOU feel about being single likely depends on which stage of life you are at. Here's a quick and easy way to see if you are 'relationship ready'... if you agree with these 5 relationship benefits, it may well be time to find your special someone (or… Continue reading →

7 Essential Valentine’s Day Do’s And Don’ts

Do you dread being dateless on Valentine's Day? Fear not, say the Professional Matchmakers at Executive Search Dating, Vancouver’s premier dating service for busy professionals. “Dating is one of those rare activities where you get better results when you are having fun doing it” says Paddi Rice, President and Founder of Executive Search Dating “So… Continue reading →

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