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Why Spring Is The BEST Time To Meet Someone New (Video)

Any professional matchmaker will tell you this: spring is THE matchmaking season. No, the warmer temperatures haven’t (yet) arrived; but the lighter days have, which is a sure fire sign that better dating days are here again.

In this TV interview, Executive Search Dating President Paddi Rice explains why spring is such a great time to date, and how you can take advantage of it:

Watch Video.

“Chemistry” Facts And Myths

Nothing in the world of dating inspires more excitement AND frustration than the elusive element of “chemistry”. Nothing.

What makes “chemistry” happen? Can it be created? Will it last?: The answers will likely surprise you.

Here are some common “chemistry” facts and myths:

CHEMISTRY FACT #1: you should have at least a little bit of chemistry to pursue a long term relationship with someone.

CHEMISTRY MYTH #1: you need to have incredible chemistry with someone to pursue a long term relationship with them.


CHEMISTRY FACT #2: chemistry can often start from the moment you meet someone; or it can develop over time.

CHEMISTRY MYTH #2: you must have chemistry with someone from the moment you meet them.


CHEMISTRY FACT #3: chemistry is created by a number of factors including physical features, personality traits, sense of humour, shared ideals and life experiences, etc.

CHEMISTRY MYTH #3: chemistry is a purely physical element; IE. do you find the person physically attractive?


CHEMISTRY FACT #4: when you have chemistry with someone that starts small and builds over time, it can ultimately lead to chemistry that’s ‘built to last’.

CHEMISTRY MYTH #4: chemistry should be very strong at the outset so that it will last a long time.


CHEMISTRY FACT #5: having at least some chemistry with someone is a good and necessary first step, but you need to connect on a number of levels to sustain a long term relationship. In fact, initial physical attraction is not the most important element in long term relationship compatibility.

CHEMISTRY MYTH #5: having great chemistry at the outset, or a lack of chemistry at the outset, will be the key determining factor in long term relationship compatibility.

5 Reasons A Relationship Is Better Than Being Single

Being single can be fun. It can also suck.  How YOU feel about being single likely depends on which stage of life you are at.

Here’s a quick and easy way to see if you are ‘relationship ready’… if you agree with these 5 relationship benefits, it may well be time to find your special someone (or have someone do it for you)!:

  1. Two is better than one: life can be challenging; having someone you love by your side can make it easier to overcome life’s many obstacles and make it easier to focus on the ‘big picture’.
  2. Friend with benefits: successful relationships often have a foundation based on a great friendship. Unlike other friendships, however, a relationship provides friendship AND intimacy.
  3. Family values: having kids, let alone raising them, is an effort best done as a team. Single parenting is a normal and accepted part of modern culture, but raising a family with both parents together and in the picture is an advantage in any situation.
  4. Focus leads to fulfillment: having someone special in your life (and not worrying about how to fill your social calendar and with whom), can allow you to focus on other areas of your life (career, health, savings, children, etc.) allowing them to prosper.
  5. Killing loneliness: no matter how active your single life is, there is ultimately lots of loneliness too. Having someone who cares about you around, through good and bad times, can make life more rich and rewarding.

7 Essential Valentine’s Day Do’s And Don’ts

Do you dread being dateless on Valentine’s Day? Fear not, say the Professional Matchmakers at Executive Search Dating, Vancouver’s premier dating service for busy professionals.

“Dating is one of those rare activities where you get better results when you are having fun doing it” says Paddi Rice, President and Founder of Executive Search Dating “So avoiding the pressure of Valentine’s Day and turning into a fun night is a good way to ready yourself for dating happiness.”

Here are Executive Search Dating’s Top 7 Valentine’s Day dating do’s and don’ts for Vancouver Singles:


1. Chill out: if you don’t have anyone special in your life at the moment, use it as a chance to connect with some other singles friends for something fun.  Who knows, you may even run into one of Executive Search Dating’s professional cupids!

2. Ski Cupid: hit the slopes on Valentine’s Day evening for an outdoor adventure. Cypress Mountain night skiing is a Vancouver winter classic.

3. Love thy Canucks: kick the Valentine’s Day blues by watching our beloved Vancouver Canucks, who play the day before (February 13th against The Phoenix Coyotes) and the day after (February 15th against the Colorado Avalanche) Valentine’s Day. Watching hockey (whether you are a fan or not) is one of THE best ways to meet new people in Vancouver!

4. Be Proactive: repeating the same dating tactics and expecting a different result won’t work. This year, try something new; visit a new neighbourhood, say hi to some new people, or join a professional dating service to meet some high quality, compatible singles!


5. Rush it: just because its Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you need to hit the fast forward button on a budding romance… getting to know each other at a pace that feels natural is more important than feeling compelled to make the earth move on Valentine’s Day.

6. Lead someone on: having dinner with a friend of the opposite sex can be a nice antidote to the stress of Valentine’s Day, but be sure that he or she knows its only as friends if you suspect they may want more.

7. Be depressed: after all, Valentine’s Day is the unofficial start to the spring dating season, the BEST time of the year to meet someone new!