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How To Ruin A Date In 10 Seconds

Dating experts will tell you this: making a good first impression on a date is MUCH better than trying to overcome a bad first impression. But here’s the good news, impressing your date is not rocket science, just good old fashioned common sense.

Here are some common dating mistakes that will likely make your first date your last:

  1. See you LATE(er): arriving late to a first date sends the message that your time is more important than theirs. But don’t worry, arriving late to first dates will ensure you have plenty of free time in your social calendar since you won’t be getting many second dates. Target arriving 5 to 10 minutes early if you are meeting at a place you’ve not been to before.
  2. Don’t worry, be happy: ditch the frown; a friendly smile and a positive attitude can turn an initial awkward moment into a sure fire dating success story. Nothing cures nervousness like a genuinely friendly introduction. A initial smile and warm greeting, maybe even a sincere compliment, will always be a hit.
  3. Checking out the waiter or waitress: no matter how blindingly hot your server is, flirting with them on your date will likely ensure two things: you won’t get anywhere with your date or the server.  Being respectful and attentive to your date, even if you’re not sure there’s initial chemistry, is always the right thing to do.
  4. Be rude to the restaurant staff: on the other extreme, telling off the restaurant staff, or complaining loudly about something right off the bat, will send a message to your date that you are not a pleasant person to be around.  In those rare cases where a major problem arises, laughing about it with your date may turn a negative into a positive dating moment.
  5. Dressing down: no, suits and ballgowns are not required on a first date, but making the extra effort to dress up a bit for your date sends the message that you respect and appreciate their company.  Save your fleece shirts, hiking boots or yoga pants for a (much) later date.

The Real Truth About Vancouver’s Dating Scene: Is It So Hard To Score?

If you believe recent media reports, it’s hard times for singles in Vancouver. Here are just a few of the recent headlines:

“Vancouver’s Dating Scene: Why Is It So Hard To Score” (Vancouver Sun, July, 2012)

“Do Vancouver Men Suck?” (Vancouver Magazine – January, 2012)

Here’s our take: there is bad news and good news. The bad news is that there are 3 Vancouver-specific dating challenges for local singles. The good news, however, is that there are also 3 simple solutions to these so-called Vancouver dating dilemmas. Here they are:

CHALLENGE #1: Singles don’t often approach strangers in Vancouver.

SOLUTION #1: Waiting to be approached in Vancouver is a recipe for prolonged singledom. Practice saying hello to strangers (yes, practicing in front of a mirror at home does work); smile and make eye contact with people in social places; say a friendly ‘hello’ to everyone you meet, single or otherwise.

CHALLENGE #2: Vancouver singles often socialize in large groups, making it more daunting to approach someone you are interested in.

SOLUTION #2: A crowded bar or lounge on a busy weekend night is not the best way to meet someone new in any city. If, however, you do find yourself in this setting then focus on having fun and being positive and open… this is an alluring quality in any venue.  Avoid sitting in a large booth surrounded by people that you already know; aim to sit at a stand up or shared table and leave a few stools free for someone new to join; and get your drinks from the bar where you’ll mingle with some new people along the way.

CHALLENGE #3: Vancouver singles, particularly in the summer months, tend to prefer outdoor venues and activities vs. indoor venues like bars and restaurants, making it hard to meet them.

SOLUTION #3: Mix up your routine! As the famous matchmaker Albert Einstein once said: ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.’ Join a summer co-ed volleyball or softball league; take some Latin dance classes; attend some wine tastings, cooking classes and art gallery openings; do your weekly shopping in a different neighbourhood; hire a matchmaker! Being proactive in dating, and in life, will always get you the best results.


How And Where To Find “Summer Romance” In Vancouver

Probably the most common question that the Proactive Matchmakers at Executive Search Dating are asked in the summer is: “How and where do you find so many high quality singles in Vancouver?”

A good question always deserves a good answer – here are 7 proven ways to meet your special someone this summer:

  1. The grouse grind: a veritable Vancouver singles institution. Coming up with a good approach line while huffing and puffing your way up a steep incline isn’t always easy; but the post climb mingling over a mountain top cocktail can be a great way to break the ice (and sweat).
  2. Dragon boat racing: a great way to meet other active singles and get in a workout at the same time. As an added bonus you can see how someone reacts in an intense team setting before committing to a first date!
  3. Jericho beach: a more laid back beach vibe; a great place for ‘come one, come all’ beach barbecues and Ultimate Frisbee games; a Vancouver summer mingling tradition.
  4. English bay: complete with a vibrant seawall and with Stanley Park right next door, always chock-a-block on a summer weekend with people of every size and shape from every corner and walk of life.
  5. Dog beach: yes, taking your dog for a walk CAN improve your social life. Connecting with someone new is always easier when you have something in common; and a love for animals is a good start.
  6. Co-ed volleyball: the summer beach volleyball season is a classic Vancouver tradition with a venue and tournament to fit every skill set; the casual co-ed leagues at Spanish Banks beach provide an inspiring setting to meet some new people.
  7. Outdoor summer music concerts: The Folk Fest, Deer Lake Park and Malkin Bowl offer optimal mingling opportunities for whatever your musical style and taste… from tie-dyed hippies all the way to chardonnay drinking sophisticates.