Month: August 2012
Executive Search Dating On CTV Morning Live – Expert Tips On Meeting New People In Vancouver!

How and where do you meet new people in Vancouver? And, when you do see someone you are interested in, how do you create a strong connection and improve your love life? In this new CTV Morning Live interview, Executive Search Dating President Paddi Rice answers these questions, and explains how to create "conversational momentum"!… Continue reading →

Beware “Serial Daters” And How To Spot Them

Professional matchmakers know this: one of the MOST important (and least discussed) criteria in finding a compatible relationship partner is 'relationship readiness'; theirs and yours. You may meet someone who has many or most of the qualities that you are looking for, but if they are not truly looking for a relationship then the chances… Continue reading →

The World’s Worst Ever First Date Conversation Topics

Everyone loves a spirited conversation. Some folks even enjoy a good argument. But if you are dating and looking to meet your special someone, being too open and/or "spirited" on your first date may kill your chances of a second date. The key on a date is to be yourself, be interested and interesting; but… Continue reading →

9 Surprising Things You Can Learn On A First Date

First dates can be many things: fun, exciting, nerve wracking and even terrible. But they can also be VERY informative and insightful about your date AND about yourself! Here are 9 surprising things you can learn on a first date: Are they respectful: showing up late, constantly checking their messages and/or checking out the restaurant staff… Continue reading →

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