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The Top 10 Best And Worst Valentine’s Day Dating Tips In The World

Valentine’s Day usually inspires one of two emotions: “Joy” (if you’re in a relationship), or “Dread” (if you’re single and still looking).

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some proven tips to help you successfully navigate the “singles minefield” that is Valentine’s Day:


1. Be classy, keep it classic: flowers, chocolates, and a nice card or note to your loved one are time-tested Valentine’s Day winners.

2. Get creative: who says Valentine’s Day has to be an over-priced dinner at a fancy restaurant? Try ice skating at Robson Square, or snowshoeing on a local mountain.

3. Be cultured: take your date on a tour of the Vancouver Art Gallery or Museum of Vancouver, followed by a post gallery drink and good conversation.

4. Pick another night: avoid the emotional and physical stress of making dinner reservations on Valentine’s eve. Choose another night and make it your own personal Valentine’s Day!

5. Take back Valentine’s Day: if you’re single, don’t sit alone at home feeling sorry for yourself; gather some single friends at your favourite pub or live music venue. You’ll likely run into other Valentine’s Day refugees and maybe even meet someone new.


1. Rush it: don’t feel pressured to do something on Valentine’s Day that you wouldn’t otherwise do… it can be a nice night to show someone you care, but save the marriage proposal for another night.

2. Get an Expensive or Cheesy gift: cliché though it may be, it really is the thought that counts. Try a thoughtful, handwritten card instead of expensive jewellery or lingerie.

3. Lead someone on: if you do invite someone out on Valentine’s Day, be sure to manage expectations accordingly… if you see it as a simple friend’s get together, make sure your date knows that it’s not necessarily the start of something more serious.

4. Ignore it completely if you’re a couple: yes, Valentine’s Day is a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ and shouldn’t be a life-altering event, but if you have someone special in your life show them you care with a simple gift, thought or kind act.

5. Get depressed: if you’re single, focus on the positive. The arrival of Valentine’s Day means that spring, the ‘Matchmaking Season’, is right around the corner!

Date Like An Expert In 10 Easy Steps

Some people enjoy dating. Others hate it. But here’s one thing everyone can agree on: dating and meeting new people is an ESSENTIAL element in finding your special someone.

And like most things in life, you’ll enjoy dating more (and get better results) if you feel like you are “good” at it. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you become a dating expert:

  1. Be focused: avoid the lure of free dating sites or singles bars, your best bet is to go on quality dates with compatible singles.  You’ll be better off going on one or two quality dates per month rather than five bad ones.
  2. Be serious: dating can and should be fun, but show your date that you are serious and not just looking for a casual hook-up. The people you meet who are the highest potential will likely demand nothing less.
  3. Be positive: complaining about your prior bad dates will virtually guarantee that your bad dating luck continues. Everyone wants to be with somebody positive, so come prepared with some fun, light and positive topics to discuss on your date.
  4. Dress for success: ball gowns and tuxedos are not required, but making an effort to look your best on a date helps make a great first impression. And yes, in dating as in life first impressions matter.
  5. Be on time: aim to arrive on time or, even better, a bit early for your date. Besides showing respect for your date, it’ll also help you relax and feel more comfortable and natural.
  6. Turn off your phone: if you are serious about finding someone, then your messages can wait until after your date. Answering messages or texting during a date is one of the quickest ways to turn your date off.
  7. Be interesting: come prepared with some fun and light conversation topics; expect that you’ll need to carry the conversation for the first bit until your date gets ‘warmed up’. The first 5 or 10 minutes of a date are probably the most important so be ready for it.
  8. Be interested: pay attention to your date and practise ‘active listening’. Aim to spend roughly half the time talking and half the time listening.
  9. Don’t hesitate: if you feel like things are going well on your date, ask for a second date. There is no rule that says you have to wait; your best chance of getting a second date is likely during a positive first date.
  10. Follow up and follow through: if you say you’ll call, then call. In any case, a nice follow up call or message thanking your date for a nice time is always welcome. Remember, treating people with respect means they’ll think and speak positively about you even if the romantic connection wasn’t there.


What Single Men And Women Really Want

It is often speculated that men and women want very different things in a relationship partner. In fact, the opposite is true.

A key element, often overlooked however, is a term we like to call ‘relationship readiness’. That is, when a man or woman is at the stage of their life where they are looking for a long term relationship, their ‘checklist’ of criteria is often quite similar. If, on the other hand, that person is not seriously looking for a relationship, then their ‘checklist’ of criteria can be quite different and is often focused on purely superficial qualities such as ‘looks’. This is one reason why meeting people in bars or online can be a frustrating way to go if you are looking for a relationship partner, since not everyone there is looking for something serious.

Here is a list of qualities that ‘relationship ready’ men and women BOTH look for in a date partner:

1.  Attractiveness: you find them physically attractive.

2.  Personality: you enjoy their personality; they make you laugh or at least find you funny.

3.  Good conversational skills: you have good and stimulating conversations.

4.  Positive: they smile and are fun to be around

5.  Relationship readiness: the person seems open and positive about relationships.