Month: January 2013
The Top 10 Best And Worst Valentine’s Day Dating Tips In The World

Valentine's Day usually inspires one of two emotions: "Joy" (if you're in a relationship), or "Dread" (if you're single and still looking). But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are some proven tips to help you successfully navigate the "singles minefield" that is Valentine's Day: Best: 1. Be classy, keep it classic: flowers,… Continue reading →

Date Like An Expert In 10 Easy Steps

Some people enjoy dating. Others hate it. But here's one thing everyone can agree on: dating and meeting new people is an ESSENTIAL element in finding your special someone. And like most things in life, you'll enjoy dating more (and get better results) if you feel like you are "good" at it. Here are some… Continue reading →

What Single Men And Women Really Want

It is often speculated that men and women want very different things in a relationship partner. In fact, the opposite is true. A key element, often overlooked however, is a term we like to call ‘relationship readiness’. That is, when a man or woman is at the stage of their life where they are looking… Continue reading →

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