Month: February 2013
27 Scientifically Proven Dating Conversation Tips

It's a problem as old as dating itself: what to talk about on a date? Should you be serious or funny? Sarcastic or sincere? Heavy or light? The correct answer, in most every case, is to be yourself. But if that seems hard at first, here are 27 scientifically proven dating conversation starters to get… Continue reading →

7 Things Singles Should NEVER Do

Being single isn't always easy. But it doesn't have to be hard. In fact, when dating is fun you get better results and INCREASE the chances of meeting someone special. If you want success from dating, here are 7 things you should never do: Sit back and wait: waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right to come to you rarely… Continue reading →

How And Why Executive Search Dating Works

Executive Search Dating President Paddi Rice explains how their service achieves such a high success rate for their clients, and why ESD has become Vancouver's #1 personalized matchmaking service for singles and professionals:   Continue reading →

The Modern Rules Of Valentine’s Day Dating

If there is one single event in need of a makeover, it's Valentine's Day. Romance and dating should be fun - in fact, dating works better when you are having fun - but Valentine's Day isn't always a fun day for singles. In this interview, ESD President Paddi Rice gives some timely tips on how… Continue reading →

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