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Best Spring Dating Ideas For Under $30

Attention singles: winter hibernation is over, and the spring “Matchmaking Season” has arrived!

What does this mean? It means virtually every single person in the city is looking to lose their lonesome winter blues – and meet someone new. There is simply NO better time of the year to kick start your love life.

But what to do once you have met someone new? Here are spring’s BEST dating ideas for under $30:

  1. Cherry Blossom romance: take your date for a springtime stroll amongst Vancouver’s 40,000 cherry trees. Queen Elizabeth Park or the UBC endowment lands provide an ideal setting to let your love ‘blossom’!
  2. Culture crawl or bike: bike around the seawall and explore Vancouver’s renowned outdoor public art scene. Highlights include Douglas Copeland’s ‘Digital Orca’, and ‘A-maze-ing Laughter’ by Yue Minjun. For a full listing, visit the ‘Public Art Registry’ online.
  3. Grazing and gazing at the Gallery Café: enjoy a coffee and desert at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s excellent café. Afterwards take a seat on the gallery steps for the city’s best people watching perch.
  4. For the love of Irish: paint some shamrocks on your cheeks and hit the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown. Or try some green beer and Irish music at one of the many low cost activities at Celtic Fest (March 9th – 17th).
  5. Score on game night: for hockey loving couples, try The Hub Restaurant and Lounge in Yaletown on Vancouver Canuck game nights. They offer lots of special game related give-aways and freebies if your favourite player scores.
  6. Tuesday night treats: take your date for a late afternoon stroll along Kits Beach, gelato or coffee in hand. Afterwards watch your favourite ‘date night’ movie at Fifth Avenue Cinema’s ‘cheap ticket Tuesdays.’
  7. Spring sunset: pack your sweaters, some snacks and warm beverages for two and watch one of Vancouver’s famous sunsets at Sunset Beach or English Bay.

4 Things That Ruin Relationships

Matchmakers will tell you this about successful relationships: communication means more than immediate chemistry. Ideally, you want both, but finding someone with whom you can communicate openly with SIGNIFICANTLY increases the chances of a successful match.

And, above all else, AVOID these four “relationship killing” communication traits (Source: John Gottman, PH.D.):

  1. Criticism: complaints are fine. Criticism is more global — it attacks the person, not their behavior. They didn’t take out the garbage, not because they forgot, but because they’re a bad person.
  2. Contempt: “…name-calling, eye-rolling, sneering, mockery, and hostile humor. In whatever form, contempt – the worst of the four horsemen – is poisonous to a relationship because it conveys disgust. It’s virtually impossible to resolve a problem when your partner is getting the message that you’re disgusted with him or her.”
  3. Defensiveness: “…defensiveness is really a way of blaming your partner. You’re saying, in effect, ‘The problem isn’t me, it’s you.’ Defensiveness just escalates the conflict, which is why it’s so deadly.”
  4. Stonewalling: tuning out. Disengaging. This doesn’t just remove the person from the conflict, it ends up removing them, emotionally, from the relationship.