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The Secret To Successful Dating

Executive Search Dating President Paddi Rice provides some valuable dating advice for relationship-minded singles. Paddi’s expert advice includes the importance of being yourself on a date, and keeping things positive. Focusing on having fun on a first date increases the chances of having a second date, which is typically more relaxed and a much better time to really get to know someone.

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The “Great Formula” For Dating Success

Dating (when you are busy) can sometimes feel like a chore. Worse yet, it can seem frustrating and hard.

But what if there were a “Great Formula” that could virtually guarantee dating success? Well, as luck would have it, there is. And its a lot more simple than you think. And here it is:

Step 1: Proactively meet as many new people as possible.

Step 2: Arrange to meet up with someone you’re interested in face-to-face. Remember, meeting people in person is far better than an online profile or via social media.

Step 3: Be positive and have fun on your date. In the world of dating, fun works.

Step 4: Follow up and ask for a second date. Remember, a second or third date is a much better time to really connect with someone.

ESD On Global TV: Is Debt A Dating Deal-Breaker?

ESD President Paddi Rice appears on Global BC News Hour to provide his insight into how singles can and should manage the touchy subject of debt in the context of a relationship. Paddi’s advice to singles is that the issue shouldn’t come up on a first or second date with someone you’ve met, but it is something that couples should discuss prior to marriage.

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dating In The Social Media Age

Does social media make dating easier or harder? And, what are the new ‘rules’ of dating in today’s hyper-connected social media world?

Here’s our take: social media can be a great way to be and feel more connected in the world, but when it comes to meeting someone special, many of the ‘classic’ rules still apply.

Here are our social media dating do’s and don’ts:

DO: using a variety of methods to communicate with someone you’ve met is perfectly acceptable in today’s world. Although an old fashioned phone call is still a good bet, texting, messaging, or connecting in any way you both feel comfortable with is fine.

DON’T: messaging works best with someone you’ve already met and connected with in person. Avoid endless text or message exchanges with someone until you’ve met them in person and feel a good connection. Sending too many messages or texts prior to meeting someone can also raise a flag that you may not be ‘serious’.

DO: stay connected. Connecting with new people is generally a good thing, via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or wherever. Social media may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a fact in today’s world. You may not be a big social media user yourself, but don’t hold it against someone who is, and vice versa.

DON’T: in the world of dating, privacy matters. Unless you’ve discussed it with your date, resist the urge to post private details of your date on social media. Dating works best when it’s one-on-one, and not all things in life need to be shared with the world.

DO: take your time. Not everything is today’s world needs to happen at the speed of light. Getting to know someone takes time, and happens best when you are meeting and doing things together in the real world.

DON’T: mistake Facebook ‘friending’ for a real world connections. Both have value, but to really connect with someone, and to know if they are right for you romantically, you need to meet and get to know them in person. Putting more focus on real world connections, not just virtual connections, will ultimately increase your chances of finding your special someone.



7 Secrets To A Successful Relationship

Here’s one question we matchmakers are often asked: what is the “secret” to a successful relationship?

And, how do you know when you have met “The One”… is it possible (or even advisable) to look for certain “clues” on a date?

There is a two part answer:

  • You won’t know on a first or second date whether someone is truly “right” for you.
  • But, there are certain “dating signs” that you can send off which might derail a budding romance.

Here are 7 secrets to a successful relationship, and the “dating signs” to look for on your date:

  1. Being attentive: paying attention to the person you’re with, and being focused on them, is a quality most successful couples share. If you or you date is constantly distracted and seems to be elsewhere, it may be a sign they’re not ‘relationship ready’.
  2. Being communicative: good and open communication is a hallmark of most successful relationships. This doesn’t mean that your date (or you) needs to be talking all the time, but as time goes on you should feel as though you are able to openly communicate about many things both big and small.
  3. Being complementary: sincere complements show you care and that you’re paying attention to your partner. Simple complements are fine, but sincerity is a must.
  4. Being thoughtful: making an effort is an important hallmark of good relationships, and a great dating habit as well. If you’ve enjoyed spending time with someone, send them a note or let them know how they made you feel.
  5. Being true to your word: we’re all busy, but forever cancelling plans is never welcome, and can harm relationships. Unless an emergency has happened, do whatever it takes to be true to your word. If you say you’ll call someone, call them.
  6. Being flexible: part of a successful relationship is understanding the delicate art of give and take.  Making an effort to do things your partner enjoys, and they you, can be a fun way to break your normal routine. Coming across as very inflexible, on the other hand, can send an unintended warning sign to your date.
  7. Being a good listener: understand before you seek to be understood. Good advice in life, and a quality that successful couples share. On a date, be sure you are spending at least as much time (actively) listening as you are talking.