Month: May 2013
20 Expert Dating Tips From The Matchmakers At Executive Search Dating

Do Don’t 1. Always look great. Looking and feeling your best indicates confidence. Being more confident will help you get through that first date with ease. 1. Wear too much makeup or perfume – No one likes to see a painted face so tone down the lipsticks and blushes.  Too much perfume will only make… Continue reading →

10 Social Media Dating Do’s And Don’ts

They say social media has changed everything, but has it changed dating? Has it made it easier (or harder) to find a lasting relationship? In other words: does getting more 'likes', lead to more 'Love'? The truth is this: learn the rules of social media dating, and you may just turn a 'virtual relationship' into… Continue reading →

All You Need To Know About “Cupid’s Strike Force”

Executive Search Dating is The Dating Headhunter®. This means our clients are matched within our large database of local single professionals, AND with headhunts who we proactively find and carefully screen just for you. But how exactly does headhunting work? Here's how & why headhunting and "Cupid's Strike Force" works: Watch Video:     Continue reading →

7 Dating Habits Of Highly Successful Singles

Why do some singles get better results from dating than others?  While some singles date and date to no avail, others end up meeting not just one but a number of potential relationship partners. But why? The answer is not so much who they ARE, but more about their DATING APPROACH. The reality is that… Continue reading →

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