Month: August 2013
7 Stress Saving Tips For Finding Your Special Someone

Let's face it: dating can be stressful - especially when you don't feel like you're meeting the right type of people. Here's the problem with this scenario: feeling stressed about your single life will not help your chances of finding someone special. In fact, it might hurt them. But it doesn't have to be this… Continue reading →

The World’s Worst Ever Dating Habits

What if we told you that certain dating habits will lead you to a "Dating Disaster"? Or if we were to tell you that by changing these habits you can virtually GUARANTEE dating success? Yes, its true. And transforming YOUR dating life is a lot easier than you think. Here's how: All about Me: perhaps… Continue reading →

10 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Dating & Relationships

"Why are you still single?"... is perhaps the most dreaded question that singles face. Whether from family or friends, its the ultimate loaded question. How honestly you answer this question says a lot about your prospects of finding someone special. If you find yourself giving these answers, beware: I'm not ready: if ever there was… Continue reading →

How To Look And Act More Attractive

In dating and in life, looks matter. But does that mean that folks with naturally good looks will always have more success in life and Love?... actually, no. The truth is that "attractiveness" comes from a variety of factors, some of which you can't control, but many of which you can. To have success in… Continue reading →

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