Month: February 2014
How You Can Create “Chemistry” On A First Date

Forget everything you've heard about dating "Chemistry" (ie. you have no control over it; it just happens; it's either there immediately or never; etc., etc.). The truth is you can greatly increase the chances of having chemistry with someone you've just met, here's how! Watch:   Continue reading →

How Spring Will Impact Your Dating Life In 2014

Question: Why is Spring considered 'The Matchmaking Season'? Answer: Because it's the BEST time of the year to meet someone new! Yes, spring still feels like a long way away. But actually, it's right around the corner. In fact, many singles start thinking seriously about meeting someone new right after Valentine's Day. With that in… Continue reading →

7 Valentine’s Day Dating Myths Exposed

If you're in a loving relationship, Valentines Day can be great. But if you're single it can be stressful or even depressing. But does it REALLY have to be that way? Actually, no. The first step in overcoming the myths surrounding Valentine's Day is to know what they are. So, here they are: 1. It… Continue reading →

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