Month: April 2014
7 Signs You Can Stop Dating

Who wants to date forever? Answer: virtually no-one. Dating can and should be fun. And its an essential part of finding your special someone, and fine tuning what you're really looking for in someone. But the central purpose of dating is to meet that one person you truly connect with. If you're dating with the… Continue reading →

Top 10 Tips For Hassle Free Dating

They say modern technology is supposed to make your life easier and more 'hassle free', but is that true in dating? Many Vancouver singles will tell you their answer is 'No!'. Although online dating and dating apps have become more popular, and there are more online profiles for you to review, it's also become more time… Continue reading →

Here’s A Method That Will Help You Find A Lasting Relationship

When dating begins to feel like a (lousy) job, stop dating. Here's why: if you're not enjoying dating or feeling 'dating burnout', you may be on a date with your perfect match and you wouldn't know it. Successful dating relies, more than anything else, on your own attitude and dating approach. So how do you… Continue reading →

What Vancouver Men Really Want

In the world of Vancouver dating, there is one question more intriguing than virtually any other: what do Vancouver men really want? In fact, unlocking this riddle just may be the key to solving Vancouver's 'dating dilemma' - and the answer may surprise you: Be together: no-one's perfect, and men know that as much as… Continue reading →

Vancouver’s Top 3 Dating Myths Exposed

Vancouver just may be the dating myth capital of the world. But here's the problem: how do you separate 'dating myth' from 'dating reality'? Here's why it's important: separating dating myths from facts is the first step towards IMPROVING your dating life, and finding your special someone. Here are the top 3 Vancouver dating myths,… Continue reading →

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