Month: July 2014
The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get On Meeting Someone New In Vancouver

When's the last time someone told you it's easy to meet someone new in Vancouver? The answer is probably 'never'. But here's the good news, and I hope you're sitting down for it: yes you can meet someone new in Vancouver, in fact its a lot easier than you think it is. So what's the… Continue reading →

The Worst Online Dating Advice In The History Of The World

Dating services, including online dating services, have become the most popular way for singles to meet in Vancouver. That's a good thing. Here's the problem: some dating services, in particular online dating services, only succeed when singles continue to use their service - in other words, if everyone found their 'match' right away they'd have… Continue reading →

Here’s What ‘They’ Say About The Vancouver Dating Scene. Here’s Why They’re Dead Wrong

Stop me if you've heard this before: There are no single men in Vancouver. Vancouver women are only interested in money. Vancouverites are unfriendly. The Vancouver dating scene sucks. Just because everybody says it, doesn't make it true. After all, it wasn't that long ago that people said the world was flat - until it… Continue reading →

9 Surprising Things You Can Learn From Rejection

In a perfect world, dating is easy and rejection doesn't exist. Everyone we meet likes us, and every date is exceptional. But in the real world of dating, rejection not only exists, its an essential element of successful dating. But how can you turn dating 'failure' into dating 'success'? The key is to learn these… Continue reading →

Video: Are Vancouver Women Too Picky?

A recent survey ranked Vancouver women as the pickiest daters in Canada. In this Global BC interview, Executive Search Dating President Paddi Rice offers his opinion, and gives some simple, common sense tips on how to meet new people in Vancouver! Watch Video: Continue reading →

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