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7 Halloween Dating Do’s And Don’ts

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore, it’s also a great time for you to meet some new people. In fact, many Vancouver singles now consider Halloween to be THE biggest party of the year, surpassing even New Year’s Eve.

But how do you meet someone new while you’re ‘in costume’? It’s easy, just follow these 7 Halloween Dating rules.

Halloween Dating Do’s:

  1. Treats alone won’t do the trick:  yes handing out candied treats to your neighbors kids is a time honored and noble tradition; but if you are single don’t get stuck spending the entire night at home answering the door bell. Take advantage of the Halloween spirit, pull together a few friends, and hit the costumed party circuit. A costume change might be just the trick your single life needs.
  2. Go big or stay home:  get in costume! Unlike a normal party, showing up at a Halloween party without a costume is not a winning strategy. Chatting with ghouls, goblins and Dracula’s will feel strange if you are dressed in your standard work attire, or jeans and a t-shirt. Make a simple costume at home, or together with friends, or pick up an inexpensive costume at the local drug store. It’s the one time of year that you’ll feel LESS awkward WITH a costume than without.
  3. Use your illusion: although approaching someone new at a bar or restaurant on an average weekend night may not be your thing; you’ll find doing so ‘in costume’ is a whole lot easier. Be bold: approach everyone you meet at the Halloween party. And fear not, if you do get ‘shot down’, no-one will recognize you anyway!

Halloween Dating Don’ts:

  1. Be yourself:  what makes Halloween so great is that being in costume allows people to break free from their comfort zones. Ditch your tried and true approach lines and try these Halloween approach line classics: “I love your costume, where did you get it?”, or “Tell me honestly, what do you think of my costume?”, or if you meet someone in a confusing costume (a frequent occurrence at most parties): “Great costume, what character are you supposed to be?”
  2. Wear a costume that ‘locks you down’:  fun costumes are a great conversation starter, but avoid overly gory face makeup and/or costumes that limit your ability to move and mingle. The Godzilla costume you’ve been preparing for weeks might be fun, but you don’t want members of the opposite sex fleeing in terror. Plus, overly heavy or thick costumes will quickly turn the dance floor into your own personal sauna!
  3. Put all your Halloween eggs in one basket:  once you’ve got a good costume and a spirit of adventure, don’t limit yourself to just one party. Halloween has become big business so there are typically different parties spread out over a number of days. Look at this as the last, best chance to party before the holiday season madness.
  4. Be creepy:  Halloween should be fun, not creepy. If you are interested in someone by all means impress them with your costume; but good old fashioned politeness and friendliness will likely be required to interest them in seeing you ‘sans costume’.

The Best Flirting Advice You’ll Ever Get Before You Go Hit On Someone

You’re tired of being single and ready to meet your special someone, and you’re out with friends at a local hotspot. Single men and women are everywhere, laughing and smiling. You freeze and can’t think of anything to say or do. You go home alone, without anyone’s number or email.

Sound familiar? Well, it happens to the best of us. Not just in Vancouver, but in every city around the world.

What you need is a quick & easy tutorial on the power of flirting (for men & women). Next time you’re in this situation, follow these easy steps and your social calendar will start filling up in no time:

For Women:

  • Make eye contact with someone you’re interested in, hold your gaze for a few seconds and smile.
  • Look approachable (don’t surround yourself with friends so no-one can approach you).
  • If you’re at a large table or booth with friends, and you’ve made some eye contact with someone, make an effort to leave your table (ie. order a drink at the bar, step out for some air, etc.) to give someone a chance to say ‘hi’.
  • When you are approached, be friendly. When approached by someone you’re interested in, be even more friendly
  • If you’re approached by someone you’re not interested in, be polite but do let them know you’re not interested: ie. ‘Hi, thanks for saying hello but I want to spend some time with my friends this evening. Have a great night.”
  • When you strike up a conversation with someone interesting, don’t feel obligated to spend the entire evening speaking to them. After a while, suggest you arrange to meet another evening for a coffee or drink and exchange numbers. If you need to, feel free to go back to your friends, or move onto another location.

For Men:

  • Make eye contact with someone you’re interested in, hold your gaze for a few seconds and smile.
  • Look like you’re having a good time, laughing and joking with friends and others around you (chat to some people in your area – singles and couples alike).
  • Once you’ve made mutual, positive eye contact with someone you’re interested in find a moment to approach them and say ‘hi’. Introduce yourself.
  • Keep it simple: ask them how their evenings going, where they’re from, give them a sincere compliment, tell them what caught your attention, etc.
  • Don’t ignore their friends, introduce yourself to them if the opportunity presents itself.
  • When you strike up a conversation with someone interesting, don’t feel obligated to spend the entire evening speaking to them. After a while, suggest you arrange to meet another evening for a coffee or drink and exchange numbers. If you need to, go back to your friends, or move onto another location.
  • If the woman you approach isn’t interested, don’t take it personally, wish them a great night and go back to mingling with your friends.

Revealed: How To Beat The 8 Warning Signs Of A Date Gone Horribly Wrong

Recently we told you the 8 warning signs of a potential dating disaster. Well, that was the easy part. The tricky part is what to do once you’ve identified these dating warning signs?

Here’s the secret: there is no secret. Sometimes the solution is staring you right in the face, and it starts with the truth:

  1. Start with respect:  all positive dating experiences – and lasting relationships too – must begin with mutual respect. And respect means respecting your dates time and busy schedule as much as your own. Constantly re-scheduling a date, or showing up very late (the first 2 of the 8 dating warning signs) without a reasonable excuse sends the message that your time is more valuable than theirs. If your date is the one constantly re-scheduling try this – let them pick the time and place that suits their schedule, then make it clear that you’ve adjusted your schedule to accommodate them. If they re-schedule again or show up very late, consider moving on to another match.
  2. All you can do is try:  once you’ve made the effort to go on a date, you might as well make the most of it – even when it seems all hope is lost. If your date seems disengaged, distracted, doesn’t listen or ask you any questions. or is yawning (dating warning signs #3, 4, 5, 6 and 7) you’re faced with two options – get frustrated and storm off or try to make the best of it. Our suggestion: go for the 2nd option. Make an effort to engage your date with some funny stories, ask some questions about the news of the day, or favorite movies or celebrity gossip or favorite TV shows… in other words, anything that might get them at least talking and hopefully smiling. It may all be for naught but, who knows, although your date may not be into you, he or she may know someone who is – and they’ll likely appreciate the fact that you made an effort.
  3. Not every match is a match:  although we’re all about trying, sometimes your best bet is to cut bait. If you find yourself  arguing with someone on a first or second date (dating warning sign #8), it’s a pretty good bet that they’re not a match for you. Life’s too short to argue, particularly with someone you’ve just met. Yes, arguments are a normal and natural part of a relationship, but not a first or second date. No need to make a scene though, just tell your date the truth: ie. ‘Thanks for taking the time to meet with me, but I’m not interested in arguing with you. Why don’t we just call for the bill and call it a night?” One of two things will happen next: they’ll agree and you can both move on with your dating lives; or they may only then realize that they’ve been too confrontational and apologize – who knows, the date may even turn out okay in the end.