Month: November 2014
Video: How To Meet Your Special Someone This Holiday Season In Vancouver

You're tired of being single for the holidays, so you consider the following options: leaving town, giving up, spending more time with family and friends than you actually want to, watching endless Netflix marathons, or all of the above. Well before you consider those options, try this: use the holidays to meet some new people,… Continue reading →

7 Ways To Meet Someone New This Holiday Season

The holidays have arrived, complete with images of happy couples and families celebrating together. But what if you’re single? Well, there’s good news: the holidays are a GREAT time to meet someone new. Here’s how: Get your (Xmas) party on:  instead of waiting for someone to throw a Christmas party, throw one yourself. Be sure… Continue reading →

Video: REVEALED – “The Virtuous Cycle Of Vancouver Dating” & How You Can Create It

What if we told you there's a simple way you can meet new people in Vancouver & get better results from dating? Well there is. Executive Search Dating President Paddi Rice explains in this CTV interview: [embed][/embed]     Continue reading →

Dating Personality Test: What Your Dating Style Says About You

Actions - in life and in love - speak louder than words. Your "Dating Style" may speak louder than both. The proliferation of online dating sites and dating apps means Vancouver singles are dating more than ever - but there's a catch: online dating makes it EASIER to go on dates, but also HARDER to… Continue reading →

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