Month: January 2015
How To Date Like A Matchmaker

Dating can feel awkward, even strange at times. What do I say, how should I act, how did I get here? But imagine if you were a 'dating expert' and knew exactly how to date successfully and meet not one by many potential relationship partners? Follow these simple rules and watch your single life soar:… Continue reading →

4 Things That Ruin Relationships

Matchmakers will tell you this about successful relationships: communication means more than immediate chemistry. Ideally, you want both, but finding someone with whom you can communicate openly with SIGNIFICANTLY increases the chances of a successful match. And, above all else, AVOID these four “relationship killing” communication traits (Source: John Gottman, PH.D.): Criticism:  complaints are fine.… Continue reading →

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Singles

How can you have success in dating, and meet your special someone? It's a question that's stumped singles for years, in Vancouver and elsewhere. Surprisingly, the answer is not complicated. It starts with adopting the right 'dating habits', habits that successful singles have used for years to find lasting relationships. Based on our 10+ years… Continue reading →

Video: Online Dating Do’s & Don’ts

How do you get the best results from dating online? In this CTV interview, Executive Search Dating President Paddi Rice gives you some simple but effective tips. [embed][/embed] Continue reading →

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