Month: April 2015
7 Signs You Can Stop Dating

Who wants to date forever? Answer: virtually no-one. Dating can and should be fun. And its an essential part of finding your special someone, and fine tuning what you’re really looking for in someone. But the central purpose of dating is to meet that one person you truly connect with. If you’re dating with the… Continue reading →

Truth And Lies In Dating

Dating is like a good book - without a good beginning you may never make it to the end. No you should never lie, but you also don't have to tell 'the whole story' on a first date. The key to successful dating - and to finding your special someone - is striking the right… Continue reading →

The Unseen Dangers Of Online Dating

Online dating has become an acceptable way to meet someone new, but is it safe and does it work? The answer: it depends. The key things to understand about internet dating are what the online dating companies WON'T tell you. Here's the list: No screening:  in spite of what their ads may say, online dating… Continue reading →

27 Scientifically Proven Dating Conversation Tips

It’s a problem as old as dating itself: what to talk about on a date? Should you be serious or funny? Sarcastic or sincere? Heavy or light? The correct answer, in most every case, is to be yourself. But if that seems hard at first, here are 27 scientifically proven dating conversation starters to get… Continue reading →

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