Month: July 2015
The Worst Online Dating Advice In The History Of The World

Dating services, including online dating services, have become the most popular way for singles to meet in Vancouver. That’s a good thing. Here’s the problem: some dating services, in particular online dating services, only succeed when singles continue to use their service – in other words, if everyone found their ‘match’ right away they’d have… Continue reading →

10 Can’t-Miss Vancouver Summer Date Ideas

When it comes to your dating success this summer, remember this: your chances of getting to a second date INCREASE when both date partners feel they got to know each other on their first date. So ditch your same old dating routines - this summer, let Mother Nature be YOUR Matchmaker! Here's how, as we tell… Continue reading →

3 Things Singles Want More Than Sex

In today's new world of dating apps, it seems like everyone's just looking for a quick hook-up. As meeting singles online has become easier (ie. swiping on photos vs. reading online profiles), today's dating apps are less about "love connections", and more about "looks connections". But what if you're looking for more than just casual… Continue reading →

4 Tough Things You Have To Do To Win At Love

A common misconception about happy couples is that they were simply made for each other. In other words, they met, magic happened and life has been a bed of roses since then. What we sometimes forget is this: successful relationships work because both parties MAKE them work. Physical chemistry, laughter and common interests are a… Continue reading →

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Singles

How can you have success in dating, and meet your special someone? It’s a question that’s stumped singles for years, in Vancouver and elsewhere. Surprisingly, the answer is not complicated. It starts with adopting the right ‘dating habits’, habits that successful singles have used for years to find lasting relationships. Based on our 10+ years… Continue reading →

7 Vancouver Dating Myths Exposed

We’ve all heard it: you can’t meet new people in Vancouver. Vancouverites are unfriendly. There are 10 women to every man. There are 5 men to every woman. Etc. Etc. Yes, you’ve heard these supposed ‘Vancouver dating facts’. But are they ‘facts’ or ‘myths’? The answers may surprise you: Myth #1: Vancouver is not a… Continue reading →

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