Month: August 2015
Why Cynical People Date More With Less Success

With the advent of free dating apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish, dating has become more of a 'game' than ever. And, like all games, there are winners and losers. Which side you end up on depends a lot on YOUR dating approach. In the short term, those who know how to 'game' the… Continue reading →

3 Lies Vancouver Singles Need To Stop Believing

You hear two views on dating today: either its the 'Dating Apocalypse' or its the 'Golden Age of Dating'. So, which is it?   Here's the key to deciding: you must separate the dating 'facts' from the dating 'lies'. Here's 3 lies that will STOP you from having dating success. A profile is a person:… Continue reading →

Here’s A Simple Trick To Perform Better On First Da

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]First dates can and should be fun. In fact, enjoying your first date is an essential part of getting to a second and third date and beyond. But what happens when your first date doesn't go well? Or, worse yet, when you go on a number of first dates and none of them go well?… Continue reading →

The 4 Most Frustrating Relationship Problems And How To Get Over Them

So you've successfully navigated the Vancouver dating minefield and met your special someone - great! Now you can just relax and live happily ever after in relationship bliss, right? Well, not exactly. Truth is all relationships - including long-term, successful relationships - run into bumps along the road to marital bliss. What separates successful relationships… Continue reading →

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