Month: October 2015

Meeting the ‘right person’ is an important element in establishing a successful relationship. Equally important, however, is your own ‘readiness’ to meet that someone special. Here are 7 classic signs of relationship readiness: Dating burnout:  does dating begin to feel like ‘groundhog day’, repeating the same old stories about yourself over and over to someone… Continue reading →

Top 3 Body Language Mistakes We Make On A Date

Body language speaks louder than words, particularly when you're on a first or second date. In fact, before you even realize it's happening, your date may already have formed an opinion about you that can be hard to change. This seems unfair, right? In a way, yes. On the other hand, practicing GOOD body language… Continue reading →

5 Ridiculously Simple Steps For Achieving Your Relationship Goals

When you're ready for a relationship and tired of searching, it's easy to feel frustrated - even discouraged. When that happens, you tend to over-complicate things. Truth is, the real solution to achieving your relationship goals is not to COMPLICATE things, but to SIMPLIFY them. Here's 5 simple steps to do just that: Focus:  it's… Continue reading →

5 Toxic Dating Habits That Are Holding You Back

In dating, relationships & life we tend to go with what we know, or even what has worked in the past. Sounds sensible, right? Well, not exactly. Things in life change, and never more so than in the world of dating. Dating habits that worked in the past don't always work today. If you're serious… Continue reading →

7 Essential Relationship Skills

We’ve all seen the movie: boy meets girl, sparks fly, and they live happily ever after. But is that REALLY the way love works? Actually, no. The truth is that you can and must IMPROVE your relationship skills – to help you find and build happiness in a long-term relationship. Here are the 7 essential… Continue reading →

Video: The Secret To Successful Dating

How can you have SUCCESS in dating, and find your special someone? The key is to be yourself, and to change your 'dating default' setting to a 2nd date mindset. Executive Search Dating President Paddi Rice explains: [embed][/embed] Continue reading →

Thanks For Voting Executive Search Dating Vancouver’s #1 Matchmaking Service Again!

Thanks Vancouver, you've voted Executive Search Dating BEST Matchmaking Service for the fifth year in a row - in the 20th annual "Best of Vancouver" awards (Vancouver's largest annual people's choice awards)! If you're ready for a relationship, let our Matchmaking Experts find your special someone today. Find your relationship. Leave the hunting to us! Continue reading →

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