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Meeting the ‘right person’ is an important element in establishing a successful relationship. Equally important, however, is your own ‘readiness’ to meet that someone special.

Here are 7 classic signs of relationship readiness:

  1. Dating burnout:  does dating begin to feel like ‘groundhog day’, repeating the same old stories about yourself over and over to someone new that you have just met?
  2. Quest for meaningfulness:  do you feel an increasing desire to share meaningful moments with someone special?
  3. Future planning:  do you start thinking about sharing the future (home, family, summer holiday plans, etc.) with someone special?
  4. Tired of the bar scene and online dating:  do you start to think more about quality vs. quantity; ie. dating less but dating more compatible matches?
  5. More than just looks:  do you desire a romantic partner that not only physically attracts you, but who also has other qualities that draw you together (shared family values, intellectual curiosity, education, etc.)?
  6. In your thoughts:  do you find yourself thinking about someone frequently, and consciously making plans which involve them?
  7. Mutual admiration:  do you admire someone and truly value their opinions on important matters in your life?

If you’ve answered yes to some or all of these questions, you are relationship ready!

Top 3 Body Language Mistakes We Make On A Date

Body language speaks louder than words, particularly when you’re on a first or second date. In fact, before you even realize it’s happening, your date may already have formed an opinion about you that can be hard to change.
This seems unfair, right? In a way, yes. On the other hand, practicing GOOD body language can have the opposite effect – leading you to dating success even if you’re a bundle of nerves inside. Here are 3 body language mistakes you should avoid at all costs:
  1. The not-so-secret weapon:  your smile can be one of two things on a date – when used early and often, it can be the gesture that relaxes you & your date, and almost inevitably leads to a successful date; or if you choose to replace it with a frown, it can lead to an awkward, dull or even excruciating date that goes nowhere. Now that you know the power of a smile vs. a frown, you can choose which dating outcome you prefer.
  2. Wandering eyes:  not making eye contact with your date usually sends one of two messages – either you’re not interested in them; or you lack self-confidence – neither of which is great. Make an effort to engage with your date, and making eye contact is an important first step.
  3. Crossed out:  when you cross your arms, you send  your date a subtle message that you’re not open or, worse yet, not friendly. Aim for an open body stance on your date, and a more open conversation and successful date will soon follow.

5 Ridiculously Simple Steps For Achieving Your Relationship Goals

When you’re ready for a relationship and tired of searching, it’s easy to feel frustrated – even discouraged. When that happens, you tend to over-complicate things.

Truth is, the real solution to achieving your relationship goals is not to COMPLICATE things, but to SIMPLIFY them. Here’s 5 simple steps to do just that:

  1. Focus:  it’s hard to stay focused in today’s world of online dating & dating apps. It seems everywhere you turn there’s a new way to meet someone new. But if you’re relationship-minded, your best bet is to focus on those methods and activities where you’re most likely to meet compatible, relationship-minded singles, not just casual date partners.
  2. Less is more:  in the world of dating & relationships, quality is always more important that quantity. Resist the urge to fill your social calendar up with an endless array of activities – make sure you’re leaving some time to recharge your batteries, and make time to see people that you’ve already connected with a 2nd or 3rd time.
  3. Make it fun:  unlike your job or career path, the key element in dating is to enjoy the journey… it’s your best bet for really connecting in a positive way with someone new.
  4. Be open & flexible:  the more open you are, the more people you’ll likely meet and the more positive impressions you’re likely to make. This has a multiplier effect – ie. even when you’ve met someone that you don’t connect with romantically, they may know someone who’s a great fit for you.
  5. Keep it fresh:  if you’ve been trying the same old methods of meeting people and it’s not working, try some new methods. Visit some new neighborhoods, try some new activities, go out with some new friends – hire a matchmaker! Repeating the same methods over and over is unlikely to deliver you different results.

5 Toxic Dating Habits That Are Holding You Back

In dating, relationships & life we tend to go with what we know, or even what has worked in the past. Sounds sensible, right? Well, not exactly.
Things in life change, and never more so than in the world of dating. Dating habits that worked in the past don’t always work today. If you’re serious about finding a lasting relationship, AVOID these chemistry-killing dating habits:
  1. Waiting for things to happen:  in the (supposed) by-gone era when dating was easy, you didn’t really have to work that hard to meet someone. A friend or colleague was sure to set you up with someone who was perfect for you. In today’s world, dating success goes to those who are proactive.
  2. My valuable time:  if you’re a busy/successful professional, it’s easy to think that your time is more valuable than someone else’s. Here’s the thing: today, everyone is busy – in particular, quality singles are far too busy to spend time with people who think their time is more valuable than someone elses.
  3. Big fish/small pond:  dating used to be harder, but if there’s one thing that free online dating apps have done successfully – they’ve made it easier to meet other singles (or at least view their profiles, which is not always the same thing). Focus on your date and your people skills, when it comes down to a battle of online profiles the best or most compatible singles don’t always win.
  4. Not getting the basics right:  regardless of how you meet someone (on your own, a professional matchmaking service, or an online dating app), one thing hasn’t changed: put most of your focus on meeting someone in person, and doing your best to make the date fun & enjoyable. This will have a much bigger influence on your dating success than spending hours online or at bars trying to meet the perfect person.
  5. Not having a plan:  maybe in the supposed ‘good ole days’ of dating you could get away without having a plan – not anymore. If you’re serious about finding a relationship, take dating seriously. If you’re too busy for that, or if you’re unsatisfied with the results, hire a personalized matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating and we’ll design a plan that works for you.

7 Essential Relationship Skills

We’ve all seen the movie: boy meets girl, sparks fly, and they live happily ever after. But is that REALLY the way love works?

Actually, no. The truth is that you can and must IMPROVE your relationship skills – to help you find and build happiness in a long-term relationship.

Here are the 7 essential relationship skills (Source: Dr. Robert Epstein, PH.D.):

1. Communication:  This category involves critically important skills: knowing how to listen, sharing your thoughts and feelings honestly, refraining from criticizing and encouraging your partner to share his or her feelings.

2. Conflict Resolution:  Conflict-resolution skills include techniques such as staying focused on the topic, staying focused on the present, being ready to forgive or apologize, knowing when to take a break.

3. Knowledge of Partner:  What’s his shirt size? What’s his favorite food? After communication, simply knowing a lot about your partner is a powerful way of showing that you care, and makes you better equipped to tend to his or her ongoing needs.

4. Life Skills:  Do you plan for emergencies? Do you exercise and stay fit? Studies show that people usually want their partners to contribute a degree of security to a long-term relationship. People also want their partners to take good care of themselves.

5. Self-Management:  This is not the same as life skills. People who are skilled at self-management take inventories of their strengths and weaknesses and always strive for improvement. They know how to interpret disturbing events in positive ways and they work hard to reach their goals.

6. Sex and Romance:  People with strong skills in these areas inquire and care about how to please their partner sexually, set aside time for intimacy, refrain from blaming their partner when sex doesn’t go smoothly, and try to stay physically attractive for their partner.

7. Stress management:  Do you know how to use breathing, meditation, or imagery techniques to help you fight stress? If you know how to avoid or fight stress, you’ll be better able to love and support your partner.

Video: The Secret To Successful Dating

How can you have SUCCESS in dating, and find your special someone? The key is to be yourself, and to change your ‘dating default’ setting to a 2nd date mindset.

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