Month: May 2016
11 Things You Should NEVER Say On A First Date

No matter how great you are on the inside, it's often someones first impression of you that matters most. Especially on a first date. If your date goes off the rails, you'll likely never get the chance to show someone the 'real you'. So how do you make sure your first date goes well, and… Continue reading →

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Singles

How can you have success in dating, and meet your special someone? It’s a question that’s stumped singles for years, in Vancouver and elsewhere. Surprisingly, the answer is not complicated. It starts with adopting the right ‘dating habits’, habits that successful singles have used for years to find lasting relationships. Based on our 10+ years… Continue reading →

15 Science-Backed Ways To Fall — And Stay — In Love

Contrary to popular belief, falling in love doesn't just 'happen'. In fact, waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right to come waltzing into your love life is a terrible strategy. Sure, having lady luck on your side helps. But here's another tip: use science. If you're ready to fall (and stay) in love, here's 15 science-backed… Continue reading →

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