Month: June 2016
How To Find Your Special Someone In Vancouver When You #donthave1million

Just because you "#donthave1million", it doesn't have to ruin your chances of finding relationship bliss in Vancouver: the key is to date smarter, not harder. In this week's Georgia Straight newspaper, Executive Search Dating President Paddi Rice explains the top 5 ways to find your special someone in Vancouver when you "#donthave1million":   Continue reading →

4 Signs You’re A Perfect Match

Your perfect match is out there somewhere, but they're probably not perfect. Then again, unless you're 'perfect' yourself, meeting someone who is won't necessarily be a perfect match for you. The key to relationship success is finding someone who's not perfect, but perfect for YOU. It's not just about looks and immediate "chemistry", its also… Continue reading →

4 Simple Questions The Most Likable People Ask On A Date

In dating, as in life, there is such a thing as trying too hard. Yes, making an effort on your date matters - but when you try to over-complicate things, you can end up being a 'turn-off' for your date. Your best bet is to keep things simple on a first date - here's 4 questions to… Continue reading →

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