Month: September 2016
The Number Of Dates You Need To Tell If You’re A Match

In today's "always connected" world, do you ever feel like everything's supposed to happen at the speed of light? Well, when it comes to your love life, nothing could be further from the truth. Truly connecting with someone new takes time - let's call it "the speed of life". How many dates you ask? Here's… Continue reading →

11 Things People In Successful Relationships Do Every Day

So, you've met someone special and you're ready to start a relationship together. Now comes the hard part. Yes, 'positive dating' is an essential part of finding your special someone. But if your relationship skills aren't up to par, it might all be for naught. Here's 11 things people in successful relationships do every day… Continue reading →

6 Great Pieces Of Dating Advice You Never Hear

If you've been single for a while, the dating world has changed a lot - in the past, it was hard to come by any good advice. Today, with the advent of online dating apps, everyone seems to be a dating expert. But sometimes too much dating advice is worse than none at all. Here's… Continue reading →

3 Alternatives To Online Dating That Are Less Awkward And More Effective

Remember when online dating was a "new & exciting" way to meet new people. If you're a busy single or professional, those days are long gone. Yes, every way you meet someone new is a good way, but if you're time constrained and don't want to go on lots of dates that lead nowhere, online… Continue reading →

The Top 11 “Relationship Dealbreakers”

Being yourself is important. But if you want a successful long-term relationship, there are two qualities that are even MORE important: being an open communicator with your partner, and being open to change. In a recent study, scientists surveyed over 5,500 singles and revealed their list of the top "relationship dealbreakers". Here's the top 11… Continue reading →

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