Month: February 2017
4 Dating Red Flags You Can’t Ignore, No Matter How Good Looking They Are

In dating, looks matter - who are we kidding? But if you're seeking a long term relationship partner, looks aren't the most important thing. Matchmakers will tell you: "Beware the person you find EXTREMELY attractive when you first meet them - you may be blinded to the fact that they're not actually a great match… Continue reading →

5 Mistakes It’s Okay To Make In A Relationship

"No-ones perfect and we all make honest mistakes." The success of your relationship may rely on these 8 simple words. Mistakes happen - in life and in relationships - the key is to be honest with your partner and admit when you're wrong. If you think you're perfect - and you're waiting for your "perfect"… Continue reading →

3 Tough Questions You Need To Ask Yourself After Months Of Unsuccessful Dating

Sometimes, the truth hurts. Realizing that your current dating approach isn't working, is one of those times. Trying the same unsuccessful dating methods over and over again and expecting a different result, is a recipe for dating frustration and, ultimately, dating failure. But here's the good news: finding your relationship isn't impossible, or even unlikely… Continue reading →

7 Things That Can Make You Irresistible This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has arrived, a day of romance for lovers everywhere. But if you're single, Valentine’s Day is also a reminder that it's time to freshen up your love life as 2017 begins. This year, let Cupid’s big day be the starting point of the new & improved you. Here’s 7 ways to make you… Continue reading →

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