Month: May 2017
8 Phrases That Can Ruin A Good First Impression On Your Date

First impressions matter in life - and they matter even MORE in dating. But your good first impression will only get you so far. What happens after that first impression is even more important - a few misplaced phrases can leave you back where you started (nowhere). If you're looking for a lasting connection, start by… Continue reading →

7 Bad Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Love Life

Do you ever feel like the dating odds are stacked against you? Finding your perfect match seems so random - like a game of chance, or a pure numbers game. You're awesome, so why is it so hard to find someone equally awesome? The truth is you might be your own worst enemy - here's… Continue reading →

5 Signs You’re A Terrible Date, Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It

Have you ever thought to yourself "My dating life is going great!" then asked yourself: "But why am I still single?" Sometimes, dating isn't fair. You may feel like your dates are going fantastic, yet when you follow up for a second date - they're not interested. Self-awareness is key. Here's 5 signs your dating… Continue reading →

6 Ways To Make Someone Remember You Forever

So you've just met someone you REALLY like - but how can you leave a lasting impression on them, so they'll want to see you again (and again)? With the right words and actions, almost anyone can create a captivating presence. Here's 6 ways to be memorable when you've met someone new (Source: J. Reisenger;… Continue reading →

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