Month: July 2017
10 Common Mistakes That Will Kill Your Dating Life

If your dating life's not going well, there can be many reasons. One of them might be you. No-ones perfect (in life or in love), but there are some simple - and fixable - dating mistakes that may be ruining your chances of finding a lasting relationship. Before you throw in the towel on finding… Continue reading →

5 Ways To Make Your Next Relationship Come To You

Are you ready for a relationship but tired of looking? If so, here's some advice: stop searching & start finding. 'Sounds great!' you say, but how? The secret is to focus less on external factors (that you can't control), and more on internal factors that you CAN control. Here's 5 ways to make your next… Continue reading →

Everything You Should Do In The Minutes, Hours, Days, And Weeks Following A Successful First Date

There's only one thing more frustrating than a bad first date - a great first date that leads nowhere! If you've been single & dating for a while, its easy to focus too much on the first date - and not enough on what happens next. Here's exactly what you should do to turn a… Continue reading →

The 5 Most Attractive Qualities People Look For In A Partner

Do you think your looks are the most important factor in attracting a partner? If you answered 'Yes!', you're wrong. Although looks do matter, it's what's beyond your looks that's matters most for relationship-minded singles. So put down your mirror & focus instead on these 5 proven chemistry-creating qualities: Confidence without arrogance:  feeling self-confident is… Continue reading →

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