Month: September 2017
Forget Chemistry – The Most Important Quality In A Romantic Partner Is Much Harder To Spot

When you dream about your perfect partner, what do they look like? I'll bet they're very attractive - exactly your physical type, right? Physical chemistry is important - who are we kidding - but what happens when your dream relationship runs into real-life problems? Well, physical chemistry alone won't save you. But this essential relationship… Continue reading →

5 Revealing Questions To Ask On A First Date

Does your dating life feel like a 2nd job? If you answered 'yes' - or even 'sometimes' - you're on the wrong track. To find your someone special, you need to make a lasting impression when you first meet them. But how? Well, its not what you say - its what you ask. Here's 5… Continue reading →

Executive Search Dating: Vancouver Headhunters Seek the Right Person For You & Arrange Hassle-Free Dates

Executive Search Dating is featured on today, see a link to the article below! "When you’re on the road to a relationship, Executive Search Dating offers a shortcut by arranging quality dates, providing helpful feedback, and doing all the work required to help you achieve that goal." Link to full article: Continue reading →

The Biggest Mistake People Make When Dealing With An Obnoxious Date, According To Dating Experts

So, you arrive at your date all ready to make a great impression and what happens next? Your date turns out to be a dud. Worse yet, an obnoxious dud. How did this happen? What did you do to deserve this? And, most importantly, what are you supposed to do now? Well the answer isn't… Continue reading →

7 Signs Your Relationship Will Last

You want a relationship that lasts, but how can you know? No matter how strong your feelings are at the start, the future is always uncertain - how will your relationship withstand the test of time & unknown challenges that come your way? Because there are clues. Early signs that your relationship will survive, and… Continue reading →

7 Ways To ‘Fall’ In Love After Labour Day

Are you feeling blue about the end of summer? Well, that’s natural - but if you’re ready for a relationship, here's the good news: Professional Matchmakers may consider summer the "dating season”, but they consider fall the "relationship season". Why you ask? Well actually there’s 7 reasons, and here they are: 1. The numbers game: … Continue reading →

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