Month: October 2017
2 Toxic — And Avoidable — Thoughts Most People Have On Every Date

Are you sabotaging your own dating success without even realizing it? You might not think you have a dating ritual, but you do. Even if you don't date often, you likely have some habits (good and bad) that you use each and every date. If you're ready to find your relationship, start by eliminating these… Continue reading →

5 Tell-Tale Signs Someone Is Interested In You

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in dating is to judge someone too quickly on a first date. The reality is this: you’ll likely not know if someone is your perfect match on a first meeting. The key to successful dating is focusing more on a second (or third) date with someone to determine… Continue reading →

A Dating Expert Reveals The Best Ways To Find A Lasting Relationship

You're ready to find a lasting relationship & tired of dating - but how? The key is to change your dating approach from 'checklist dating' to 'values-based dating'. This doesn't mean dating more - in fact it may mean dating less, but smarter. This may sound complicated, but its not. It's easy, and you can… Continue reading →

The 4 Most Important Questions Your Date Will Never Ask You

You walk away from a date feeling great - things couldn't have gone better! But when you contact them the next day & suggest a 2nd date, they're not interested. "What happened?!", you ask yourself. When you're on a date, its the questions you're not asked that are the most important. Learn them - and… Continue reading →

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