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7 Creative Spring Date Ideas To Impress Your Special Someone

If you’re tired of being single & looking to meet your special someone, there’s good news: Spring has arrived – THE best time of the year to meet someone new.

But how you ask?

The key to successful dating is to keep things light & casual – especially on a first or second date. The best dates, in fact, are often simple and inexpensive ones.

Here’s 7 creative Spring date ideas that’ll impress your date, without breaking the bank:

7 Creative Spring Date Ideas In Vancouver


9 Of The Worst Mistakes You Can Make On A Date

When you’re on a date, your first mistake might be your last.

Having success in dating (and meeting your special someone) isn’t rocket science. In fact, its mostly common sense – things you already know or can easily learn.

So what’s your key to dating success? AVOID making these 9 chemistry-killing dating mistakes:

  1. Mailing it in:  when you show up on a date looking disheveled, it sends your date a clear message – they’re not that important to you. Dress for success on your date, or be prepared for a lengthy singledom.
  2. Chaos theory:  constantly changing your date arrangements (date, time, location, etc.) tells your date that you’ve got more important things on the go. They’ll likely decide they do as well. Make a plan, then stick to it no matter what.
  3. Too late:  arriving late for your date – especially a first or second date – makes your date feel awkward. More importantly, it gives them plenty of time to consider other options. Arrive on time. Better yet, arrive a bit early!
  4. Low energy:  everyone wants to be with someone who exudes positive energy – be that person & you’ll find yourself on a 2nd or 3rd date before you know it.  If you’re just not feeling energetic before your date – fake it.
  5. Glass half empty:  its natural to want to share something negative or frustrating that happened to you that day – but on a first date, it can be a chemistry-killer.  Tell a funny story, or say how excited you are to see them – but keep it positive & light, especially at the start of your date.
  6. Checked out:  checking out your waiter/waitress, or the bartender, or someone else at the restaurant while you’re on your date sends a clear message that you’re not into the person you’re with. On the bright side, you’ll soon have plenty of time on your own to check out whoever you like. Good luck with that.
  7. Bad body language:  no matter how excited you feel on the inside, make sure your body language is not sending a different message. Be engaged & focused on the person you’re with – on a first date, it matters as much or more than what you say or how you look.
  8. The last goodbye:  how you end a date often matters more than how it started. Be enthusiastic and considerate – and unless there’s zero chance of a future connection, make an arrangement to see them again. 2nd and 3rd dates are a far better time to decide if someone’s right for you or not.
  9. No follow up & follow through:  whatever you’ve told your date you’ll do (call or text them; set up a second date; go to a movie; etc.), then do it. Being true to your word is a very sexy quality indeed. After all, even if you don’t end up being a match – who knows, your date may know someone who’s perfect for you!

5 Dating Myths That Could Be Holding You Back

You’re newly single & ready to meet someone new – but how?

Step 1: learn the dating myths – then ignore them.

Step 2: learn the dating truths – then follow them.

But how do you separate dating fact from fiction?

Start by ignoring these 5 dating myths & transform your love life in the process:

  1. I’ve been out of the dating scene for too long:  nonsense. In fact, if you’re relatively new to dating many singles would consider that a plus (compared with someone who’s achieved dating burnout). Stop worrying about what ‘they’ will say, and focus on that person right in front of you instead.
  2. I’m too old to date:  says who? Have you heard the one about how dating is only for 20 somethings? Well, its wrong. Believe it or not, the fastest growing demographics for active singles are the 40 & 50 somethings & beyond! It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, but do focus on meeting someone in your own age bracket – that’ll typically get you the best results, especially if you’re looking for something long term.
  3. Online dating apps are the only option out there:  online dating apps are fine if you’re looking for something casual, or if you’re open to meeting all sorts of people in a short period of time. If that’s not you, then try some other methods: hire a matchmaker, attend some single meetup groups, or visit some new places with a few friendly friends. You’ve nothing to lose but your single life.
  4. There’s no good single men/women left:  the number of single men and women in this or any other city is approximately the same as its ever been. You don’t need thousands of singles – just that one special someone will do. Call our Matchmakers and tell them what you’re looking for and we’ll prove it to you.
  5. The dating odds are not in my favor:  here’s the funny thing about dating odds – single women often think they greatly outnumber the single men & single men feel they outnumber the single women. Your best bet? Forget about the odds – put yourself out there & your odds of meeting someone will improve. Dramatically.

10 Biggest Relationship Deal Breakers

Relationships can be hard work. But how do you know if its time to stick with it, or time for a change?

No relationship is perfect – but good relationships should make you feel secure, respected & happy much (if not most) of the time. Bad relationships make you feel drained, depleted & sometimes even distraught.

Here’s the 10 biggest relationship deal breakers you should be on the lookout for:

  1. Happiness matters:  if someone is constantly making you unhappy, its a bad sign. No-one can expect to be cheery all the time, but being miserable all the time is no way to live either.
  2. Continuous disrespect:  mutual respect is the first requirement of a good partnership. Without it, its hard to move forward – with it, the sky’s the limit.
  3. Lack of effort:  if your partner makes little or no effort to look their best, it can be a bad sign. A constantly disheveled appearance can leave your relationship in the same state over time.
  4. Where’s the fun?:  not everyone is blessed with an incredible sense of humor, or an adventurous spirit – but successful relationships work at it. If your relationship starts to feel like a job (you don’t like), it may be a sign of trouble ahead.
  5. The Passion Pit:  intimacy & sex matters. It really matters.  A relationship without a strong friendship at its core is likely to fail. But a friendship without a sex life is a friendship, not a relationship built to last.
  6. Insufficient support:  if you cannot turn to each other, is there a reason to be in the relationship?
  7. Lack of communication:  without communication, there is no relationship. Period.
  8. Feeling drained:  if, instead of feeling happy and productive, you’re always mentally, emotionally, and even physically drained, it’s time to re-evaluate.
  9. Lack of trust:  a relationship without trust is like a car without gas: You can stay in it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere.
  10. Never-ending drama:  good relationships improve your life; they don’t make it messier.