Month: April 2018
5 Things Never To Say In The First 30 Seconds Of A Date

Sometimes, your promising date is over before it even begins. Words matter - in dating & in life - particularly when you've only just met someone. Saying the wrong thing at the beginning of your date can ruin what just might have been a spectacular dating success story. Don't panic. But DO avoid saying these… Continue reading →

Extreme Chemistry Can Be A Bad Thing – Here’s Why

Do you feel physical chemistry is important in a romantic relationship? If you're like most people, you'd answer: "Yes", or even "Absolutely!!". And its true, chemistry is important - particularly when you've just met someone new. But what if I told you there's such a thing as TOO MUCH chemistry? Well it's true. Here's 5… Continue reading →

4 Signs Your Relationship Is Built To Last

Do you want the perfect formula to make your relationship last forever? Sadly, it doesn't exist. But here's the good news: there ARE signs! Important traits that all successful couples share. If your relationship has them, consider it a strong beacon of happiness ahead. Here's 4 signs your relationship is built to last: The trust… Continue reading →

The One Question You Should Never Ask On A Date

You've heard the saying "there's no such thing as a bad question"? Well, when it comes to dating - its wrong. Two-way conversation is an important part of a successful date - particularly a first or second date - and asking questions is a big part of that. But not all questions are created equal.… Continue reading →

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