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Success Stories

“Excellent service in meeting people from a variety of professional backgrounds. Friendly and well-organized to help book date times and places throughout Victoria. Highly recommended for meeting that special someone in these busy times in and around lovely Victoria.”

(Executive Search Dating client)

“My wife and I are now happily married and have two lovely children. We owe that to you! When I joined Executive Search Dating I was immediately surprised by the quality of women and the fidelity of the matching process. Your staff was courteous, professional, and warm – they listened to my feedback and really tried to get a sense of who I was, and who would fit with me.

My wife joined and also had a great experience. She felt as though you understood her situation and her preferences, and appreciated your amicable advice. But most of all we appreciate the introduction and the support. You had captured what the internet could not – chemistry. You were absolutely right that she was an amazing women and fit everyone of the qualities I listed as important. And what has happened since then has been magical, in a few short years we went from single to a fulfilling and loving family of four. Thank you ESD!”

Larry & Sue
(Executive Search Dating couple: MARRIED)

“I wanted to call and let you know that we have been married for over a year now and we just had our first baby girl… thanks again for matching us Executive Search Dating!! I have recommended your service to a friend and he will be in touch soon. Your service is a great way to meet wonderful people, and your customer service was excellent. Thanks for listening and finding exactly what we were looking for. You did a great job!”

Emelia & Patrick
(Executive Search Dating couple: MARRIED)

“I asked to be matched to a rare breed of man and my girlfriends are stunned that I met 13 gorgeous, smart, established, hot and handsome men in our beautiful city. I mean, really, it was ridiculous how nice these men were. Every single one told me I was beautiful and funny and laughed at my jokes with perfect timing. Each one also gave me at least one special compliment and a few I’d never heard before. Things to cherish in life: compliments from men who think you are beautiful!”

(Executive Search Dating client)

“Hello ESD Team: Brianna and I are at the airport waiting to return from our beach wedding at Playa Del Carmen last Monday. It was fabulous with 40 friends and family present and we just wanted to say a big thank you for putting us together!

We are often telling people about your service and I think a few of Brianna’s friends have signed up with you. So thank you for the introduction – it couldn’t have worked out better!”

Brett & Brianna
(Executive Search Dating couple: MARRIED)

“Dear Executive Search Dating: Justin and I are getting married next month… good work!! Please find enclosed your invitations to join us at the wedding – how fun it will be to have our matchmakers from Executive Search Dating at the celebrations!”

Tanya & Justin
(Executive Search Dating couple: MARRIED)

“We were matched by Bonnie at ESD. He was my 4th date and I was his 3rd date. We both found that the staff at ESD were responsive to our feedback from previous dates, and put in an effort to ensure our experiences were positive. Fortunately, they did an excellent job of matching us. The system they used to create profiles and respond to feedback went a long way to properly matching us. Since the first date, our relationship has grown stronger as has our love. Thank you Bonnie, Janet and the wonderful team at ESD. Highly recommended!”

C.L. & Darryl
(Executive Search Dating couple: MARRIED)

“It’s been a whole year since you matched me with Terry. We are doing really well. I can write a long list of what’s good about him, but I don’t want to bore you with it. But do you know what I love about him? He gets happy when I am happy 🙂

He introduced me a new joy of life. Now I do mountain biking with him! I would like to say thank you again to the whole ESD Team :):):)”

Yanni & Terry
(Executive Search Dating couple: MARRIED)

“There is a good news for you. Mischa and I got married 2 weeks ago, which was a simple civil ceremony and we would have the wedding reception next month, we would like to invite you to the reception. Again we thank you for your professional and high quality matching service and your service is definitely worth recommending!”

Jun & Mischa
(Executive Search Dating couple: MARRIED)

“We are now engaged and planning to marry this summer. We often are asked how we met and we always speak so highly about Executive Search Dating. We have given ESD as a referral to many of our single friends that are in the same place we were over a year ago.”

Tina & Mike
(Executive Search Dating couple: MARRIED)

“Thanks so much for introducing me to Sarah… we are madly getting things ready for our wedding ceremony on Saturday! We are such a great match!! We fit together very well… two hurricane’s in one room… it’s quite funny. I’m sure this kind of feedback must be very inspiring.”

Michael & Sarah
(Executive Search Dating couple: MARRIED)

“I just wanted you to know that Andrew and I are now ENGAGED to be married! We thought that you would like to know. We went on our date through ESD almost exactly one year ago and things couldn’t have gone better. Andrew is funny, very smart, and is exactly what I was looking for personality wise. From both of us: thanks very much ESD!!”

Janice & Andrew
(Executive Search Dating couple: ENGAGED)

“Mandy is a PERFECT match for me! We clicked immediately on our date…within the first few minutes in fact we just knew that we were a great match for each other. Thank you so much for introducing us Executive Search Dating!”

John & Mandy
(Executive Search Dating couple: MARRIED)

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