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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do I register for my free consultation?

Simply call us at 1-833-551-0221 and speak with one of our Professional Matchmakers to schedule a convenient time for your consultation. You may also submit your name, email and phone number in the confidential registration form on our website and one of our team will call you promptly to schedule your consultation.

What can I expect once I register for my free consultation?

Here is what happens next:

  1. Your consultation meeting is an enjoyable 45 minute meeting with an Executive Search Dating Matchmaker, where you will tell us all about yourself and what you are looking for in a partner.
  2. Our team will then hand select and carefully screen great matches for you, using our database of existing members AND headhunts.
  3. Once we have selected your first match, typically within 24 hours of your consultation meeting, we will call you to present your match and get your availability for your date.
  4. We then make all the date arrangements for you, including making a reservation at one of our partner restaurants.  All you need to do is show up and have a great time on your date.
  5. You then call us the next day with your feedback so that we can continuously fine tune your matching criteria.

How do I become an Executive Search Dating member and what is the cost?

Executive Search Dating is a membership based service that offers you unlimited dating over a fixed period of time (typically one year) with a guaranteed minimum number of matches.   The first step is to speak with an Executive Search Dating Matchmaker on the phone who will detail the specific membership option and cost that best suits your needs.  To get this process started, you may call one of our Professional Matchmakers at: 1-833-551-0221.   You may also submit your name, email and phone number in the confidential registration form on our website and one of our team will call you promptly to schedule your consultation.

What is the typical profile of an Executive Search Dating member?

Executive Search Dating members are busy, successful professionals just like you!  Our membership base includes doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, technology professionals, personal trainers, architects, actors, engineers and many others!  Our members tend to be busy professionals who have grown tired of meeting people at bars or online, and who want to meet quality singles who have been selected specifically for them!

How big is Executive Search Dating’s database and what is the ratio of men to women?

Executive Search Dating has thousands of great singles in our active database and it grows weekly, both with new members and headhunts.  The ratio of men to women is always in balance due to our unique ability to headhunt quality matches for our members

What is Executive Search Dating’s success rate in finding great matches for its members?

Up to 70% of Executive Search Dating clients enter into relationships before the end of their membership with us.  Furthermore, after each and every date, Executive Search Dating members give us a rating on how well we are doing in providing them with the quality of matches and service they expect.  Since Executive Search Dating started operating in Vancouver in 2004, our average customer service rating from our clients is over 90%.

Will using the dating services of Executive Search Dating help lead me into a great relationship?

Absolutely!  Dating a variety of high quality people is a natural and healthy part of the dating process which will help you understand exactly the type of person you will connect with romantically.  Then, once you click with someone, you can put your Executive Search Dating membership on hold and explore whether you want to enter an exclusive relationship with that special someone.

Can I put my membership ‘on hold’ when I meet someone special and want to pursue a relationship with them?

Yes! You may put your membership ‘on hold’ as many times as you like for up to a total of 12 months. Should you decide to ‘reactivate’ your membership at a later date, you will still have all the time and dates remaining that you had when you put your membership ‘on hold’. You can also put your membership ‘on hold’ if you are travelling out of town for business or pleasure.

How is Executive Search Dating different from online dating?

Comparing Executive Search Dating to online dating is like comparing a professional executive recruiting company to posting a resume on an online job forum.  Online dating can be time consuming, and the lack of screening and frequent misrepresentation of potential matches can be frustrating.  Executive Search Dating provides its members with one-on-one service!  All Executive Search Dating matches (members and headhunts) are carefully screened using our industry leading 5 point screening process, and you receive a photo of your selected match prior to your date (taken by us to ensure accuracy!).  Also, each match is hand selected for you by our Professional Matchmakers based on your specific criteria.  We even take care of all the arrangements including date scheduling and making a reservation at one of our fabulous partner restaurants.

How is Executive Search Dating different from traditional dating services?

Executive Search Dating is North America’s first and only Dating Headhunter.  Unlike a traditional dating service or matchmaker, Executive Search Dating members are matched with existing members of our service AND also with headhunts who we proactively find, pre-qualify and carefully screen for you with our team of professional Cupids: ‘Cupid’s Strike Force’.  This unique headhunting aspect provides Executive Search Dating members with an unlimited selection of quality matches.

Why should I use a dating service?

In today’s world, singles have never been more busy. With the advent of the mobile office, smart phones, etc., it has never been more difficult to turn work off and focus on your personal life. Using a professional service for your dating life makes sense as it saves your time and allows you to focus on your career and family, without sacrificing your own personal life. Just as we use professional service providers when we are looking for a new home or apartment (i.e. a real estate agent); or trying to get back into shape (i.e. a personal trainer); hiring a team of proactive dating professionals can get you better results from your dating life with less time and effort.

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